Information about the song Gucci Gucci by Kreayshawn

Now I will be telling you what the lyrics are for the song Gucci Gucci which is by Kreayshawn. This song was first released on June 14th 2011 and it was recorded on 2011. Did you know that Kreay Shawn’s real name is Natassia Gail Zolot? The length of this song is around three minutes and seven seconds. The genre for this song is Hip Hop. The label for this song is Columbia records. The people who wrote this song was speak. The producer for this song is DJ two stacks. The two songs that is similar to these songs which are called Bumpin Bumpin and Rich Whores. Kreayshawn was born on September 24th 1989 and the type of songs she does is only rap. Not only is she a rapper but she is also an editor and a director. Kreayshawn has been a rapper/ famous since 2008. Sadly Kreayshawn has been in one label which is called Columbia. Kreayshawn has associated with many singers such as Lil B, Soulja Boy, the Chill black guys, OFWGKTA, white girl mob (group) and she has collaborated with many other famous singer/ rappers as well. If I were you I’d carry on reading to find out what the lyrics are for the song Gucci Gucci which is by Kreayshawn (and I will be telling you some more amazing information about Kreayshawn soon). So for now I hope you enjoy singing along to this song with the lyrics.

Information about Kreay Shawn

Now I will be naming all the mix tapes Kreayshawn has made so far (which will be in order). In 2010 Kreayshawn made a mix tape which is called Kitty X Choppas and finally but not least in 2011 she made an album called Kreayshawn X the bay (which is featuring V- Nasty). So as you can see that Kreayshawn hasn’t made many mix tapes but let me assure you that in a few years Kreayshawn will have many mix tapes that you may not have enough time to listen to all her mix tapes in one day. Many people have hated Kreayshawn when she told the world that she hated Rick Ross. Some negative things she has said about Rick Ross are: Rick Ross is a fake, he’s a bad rapper and she also teased him about his weight (which is very upsetting to Rick Ross and all Rick Ross’s fans). Just because Kreayshawn said all those bad things about Rick Ross, it’s very hard to find positive reviews about Kreayshawn because most of them are all negative. Well I hope you have enjoyed reading this piece of information (which is including some facts), I also hope that you had fun watching this music video but I especially hope that you have enjoyed singing along to this song which is called Gucci Gucci by Kreayshawn.

Kreayshawn - Gucci Gucci