covers stains very well, they don't bleed through.



Krylon Stain Fix

Sherwin Williams 272086 Krylon Stain Fix Primer, Aer
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use this first, and then use the color of your choice for ceiling tiles.

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Quick Fix for Stained Ceiling Tiles

Krylon, in my opinion is a life saver. It can make anything with stains look brand new without fear of bleed through.

This works well on those ceiling tiles you may have in a drop down ceiling. Maybe over time you have had some plumbing leaks or some condensation on pipes, but you know the result, those ugly brown water marks. You have fixed the leaks but what are you suppose to do with the ugly stains that are left after everything has dried?

You can replace the ceiling tile, but this seems like such a waste, and what if yours is an older style that is hard to match the pattern or the color will not be the same. You know yours fits just right, so lets update it with Krylon.

Depending on how big this ceiling is, you can paint the ceiling tiles. This freshens them up, especially if there were ever any smokers in this room, which can cause the tiles to yellow a bit. If you want to paint them bright ceiling white but are concerned about the brown marks seeping through, then you need to use the Krylon Stain Fix first before any finish coat.

Here was my first step:

1. Take down the ceiling tile. In a suspended ceiling this should not be too hard.

2. Spray lightly with Krylon, this seals the stain so that the discoloration will not leak through the tile

3. Follow with a white Krylon or color of your choice, do light coats of spray.

4. Replace the ceiling tile back in the ceiling, and you will have what looks like a brand new ceiling without having the expense of replacing the tiles, or adding them to the land fill site. This is just one project idea. There are so many, you can even check out their website for more great ideas for decorating around the house. There are so many projects you can do for so little money.

This product, is great for any other projects you need to seal stains. Here is what the can review says:

"Stain Fix seals marks and especially water marks and primes surfaces to cover water spots, smoke stains and other markings.

Blocks out and hides discoloration

Prevents bleed-through

Seals and covers thoroughly

Dry to Touch 30 minutes

Dry to Handle 30 minutes

For Use With: Wood, Metal, Wicker, Plastic, Drywall, Masonry."

Instead of throwing things away, that are stained or discolored, take the time to research this product. Krylon makes a whole line of great products that can be used inside and outside of the house. You can make items look brand new again.

This product, will seal in the stains so they don't bleed through to your finished look.

So, if you have some stained ceiling tiles, try this product and see what it can do for you.

This also works very well on wicker furniture, especially stained and discolored ones, if you use this product first, then your wicker furniture will look brand new.


In Closing

This product works well.  Make sure you use the blocker first and let it dry well, and then add the colour of your choice.

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