Knight River in Kuching

Kuching is the capital city of East Malaysia. Kuching is on the island of Borneo and there are numerous hotspots to visit. Kuching is truly a great palce to visit, especially for Americans. Travel to Kuching can be expensive, but it is an experience you will never forget.

 Sarawak River

The Sarawak River provides a beautiful view. If you go out on a hired boat ride at night it provides an excellent opportunity to snap gorgeous and scenic images of the Kuching at night. The beauty of Kuching lit up at night is truly breathe taking.

Fort Margherita

Fort Margherita was built in 1879 and looks like a castle. Fort Margherita was built to help protect  Kuching from pirate attacks. Pirate attacks still occur in the area, but they tend to target American and British vessels. Pirate attacks on Kuching no longer occur.

Kuching International Airport

The Kuching International Airport is a very busy international airport. Spending a half a day at the airport is a fun way to pass the time people watching. You will see people from numerous Countries. The airport is another great place to photograph at nighttime.

Southern Suburbs

Take a taxi to the Southern Suburbs and you can find many great vantage points to snap pictures of the Kuching Skyline. The city is very beautiful, but a visit to the Southern Suburbs should only be undertaken during the daytime, unless you have a local guide. As an American visitor you are pretty safe in Kuching, but at night you need to be very cautious, especially if you are venturing into the suburbs.

Kuching is an amazing place to visit. Do not limit yourself to one day, but spend at least 4-7 days at this immaculate place. There are so many great hotspots to visit and so many restaurants and eateries available that you will be sorely disappointed if you can only spend a day or two visiting Kuching and the surrounding area.