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Great Story
Good Voice Acting
Fantastic Fight Scenes


Left me wanting more (not sure if that is really a con)

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I didn't have any expectations going into Kung Fu Panda. Nothing good and nothing bad, which is the way I like to go into movies but I find exceedingly difficult to actually accomplish. That being said, I found the movie really funny and the cartoon action sequences done really really well. You find a lot of cartoons these days pull their punches to keep the violence level down for the impressionable kiddies, but Kung Fu Panda wasn't one of those cartoons. The voice acting was also done really well, the cast was a lot deeper that I realized, even wen watching the film. I didn't realize that Angelina Jolie, as Tigress, Lucy Lui, as Viper, or even Jackie Chan, as Monkey, were in the film until the credits rolled, which was a good thing because it meant that I was engrossed in the story rather than trying to figure out who was behind the CG face. I was pulled in at about the 2 or 3 minute mark of the move, if not sooner.

The story was exactly what you expect and want from a Kung Fu movie. A bad guy, Tai Lung (Ian McShane), is on an unstoppable quest for unimaginable power and its up to a common villager, Po (Jack Black), to rise to his destiny and become a Kung Fu master and stop the villian's quest. The voice acting and dialoge only went to support the story, there weren't any wierd lines or deliveries that made me shudder. Definitely an "A" for story.

The fighting was also amazing. Kung Fu Panda didn't try to sluff the fighting off or hid it in the background. It was placed front and center and it looked fantastic. CG animation has come so far in the last decade, to the point where you can do some really spectacular stuff with it. The fights in this movie are a perfect example. There are multiple characters fighting, environmental interaction and everything still flows together.

Whether you are and adult, teen or kid I recommend Kung Fu Panda. Its an entertaining ride from beginning to end. Enjoy.

DVD Special Features

The Kung Fu Panda DVD special features were pretty damn entertaining in and of themselves. There was a guy showing you how to make noodles, which was hypnotic just to watch and made me want to try to make some myself one day. The interviews with the animators takes you into te process that they used to create the characters, evironments and everything else, and it is quite informative, not to mention interesting. And if you enjoyed any of the other Dreamworks Animated films, like Shrek or Madagaskar, there is a feature that has songs from the movies. Definitely quite a bit of added value on the DVD and woth checking it out.

In Closing

Rent it, buy it, borrow it, whatever, just watch it.

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