Choosing the right insurance company for you

Company focus: Kwik Fit Insurance

One of the insurance companies that offer high quality insurance is Kwik Fit Insurance Services. It opened in 1971, and is now one of the top leading insurance intermediaries around the world. It was originally a car servicing and repair company based in Britain. The insurance company's core business primarily focuses on the customer demand of high quality car insurance. However, it also offers services in some aspects, such as home, motorbike, van, travel and pet insurances.

In response to growing UK demand for high quality insurance, it diversified into other fields of business. In 1995, Tom Farmer opened Kwik Fit Insurance with customer needs focus in mind. Employing only a handful of staff when it started, its workforce has now grown to a 1,200 employees, and is planning of expanding some more through acquisitions and mergers. They have continuously evolved and developed their other insurance branches to remain one of the largest insurance companies in the UK.

Kwik Fit's role in providing quality insurance to homeowners, car users, and policy holders has been pivotal to the increase in the quality living standards of their customers - in line with their focus of providing the best line of services there is. It has added some other types of products and services over the years to keep their customers happy, including insurance for pet owners, travelers, and holiday goers. Some of Kwik Fit's Insurance products are also some of the cheapest insurance policies in the market, which include lost baggage and medical bills coverage. It also offers special discounts to customers.

The company also ranks as one of the top choices to work for because of their comprehensive and strong working benefits package. It recognizes their employees as some of the primary drivers in the growth of their business resulting to a good working environment.

Kwik Fit Insurance Services has strong partners in the car distribution sector in providing insurance to car buyers and customers. These include Axa UK plc, National Insurance and Guarantee Corp, Allianz Insurance plc, Fortis Limited, Provident Insurance plc, HSBC (UK) Limited and MMA Insurance plc.

What makes' Kwik Fit as a market leader in their field of high quality insurance business is their ability to diversify and provide services to untapped sectors such as insurance policies for women drivers which include coverage over their belongings and contents thereof. With rising veterinary treatments for pets, the company has Kwik Fit Pet Insurance with coverage up to $7,500 per ailment of your pet. The coverage will continue for the rest of your pet's life. The company not only covers car owners but those who hire cars also as their alternative mode of transportation. It has business partnership connection with car hire providers such as Holiday Auto and Car rentals, Car Hire 3000, Economy Car Hire, and Simply Car Hire.