A lot of people with minor or major vision problems would normally consider the idea of getting lasik surgery. LASIK or laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis is a kind of eye surgery meant to correct eye problems and disorders such as myopia, astigmatism, and hyperopia. This type of refractive surgery is performed by ophthalmologists with the use of a laser. A lot of people opt for this kind of surgery because it is normally not painful, it requires less time for recovery, and vision goes back to being 20/20. Though the surgery is costly, it has been proven to help restore normal human vision in a short period of time, giving people with eye problems a chance to see clearly and ridding them of the possibility of going blind forever.

Unfortunately, there are LASIK complications that have been reported and many people are becoming hesitant in going through with the surgery. This is normal and knowing the complications that go with the eye surgery will give you an idea of what you are risking if you've decided on going through with LASIK. Here are some of the LASIK complications that have been reported:

  • Among the many complications one can experience after LASIK, dry eye is the most common. This is when the corneal nerves are unable to function properly, causing tear production to malfunction as well. Symptoms of dry eye include itchiness, pain, burning in the eyes, soreness, and the eyelids begin sticking frequently to the eyeballs. There have been reports as well that dry eye caused by LASIK surgery could be a permanent condition.
  • Night vision become more obscure and seeing through dim light becomes more difficult for patients that underwent LASIK surgery. Patients with large pupils have also been reported to have suffered from these visual complications at night after going through LASIK surgery.
  • Over correction or under-correction of the eyes could happen if the surgery isn't done properly. It is important that you undergo LASIK under the supervision of a very experienced doctor who has a reputation of more successful surgeries than others in the field.

These LASIK complications were rampant during the early years of LASIK surgery, but as technology become more advanced and the skills in performing this surgery are more refined, millions of people in the country are able to achieve their normal vision without experiencing so much of these complications. What's more, if there are any still occurring, there have been measures done to correct them.