LAX's parking lot B is an unusual sight to behold. For years now, it has been host to a colony of about 100 residents, all of whom live in rows of motor homes and RV trailers. The Lot B colony functions essentially like a small factory town. Except in this case the factory is the airport airlines and the workers are all airline employees. There is a code of conduct, an unofficial "mayor", and a series of official residency requirements, which include proof of airline employment and full background checks. Most of the workers living in Lot B are male, and their job titles range from captain and first officer, to flight attendant and air cargo employee. The mayor himself is a mechanic for United Airlines by the name of Doug Rogers.

"You can't maintain a household elsewhere and afford a home here in this economic climate," says Rogers, as a way of explaining why all of these airline workers have chosen to live in an LAX parking lot.

You see, all of the residents of parking Lot B have homes either out-of-state or hundreds of miles away from Los Angeles, but their job forces them to spend weeks at a time away from their homes and their loved ones. This means renting a separate apartment while they're off on the job. However, with the airline industry suffering and airline worker wages on the decline, it has become rather difficult to afford a second housing payment. So in exchange for putting up with small quarters and the incessant noise of jet engines above, residents of Parking Lot B pay $60 a month for housing.

The decline of the airline industry, which in large part led to the formation of the Lot B motor home community, began after the terrorist attacks of 9/11, when airline ticket sales fell sharply. Just as the industry was picking up, the economic recession of 2007 hit, and the situation worsened. Of course, this is a much simplified summary of actual events. LAX long term parking Lot B, on the other hand, is one of the many actual, physical manifestations of these events, meaning, in other words, a tangible result of them.

Lot B is located along Aviation Boulevard, less than 3,500 feet from LAX's southern runway. It is a flat valley of ashen gray asphalt, lined with rows of mismatched, white and beige motor homes. There is not much that goes on besides the grueling work routine. And, occasionally, a get-together for drinks.