Airport parking can be a stressful part of the travel process, especially if departing from a busy international airport. There are sometimes just too many things to look after or keep an eye on when traveling for business or pleasure. Travelers have to deal with hectic traffic delays around the terminal, managing the weight of onboard lugg and checking in bags, where their car will be parked during the duration of their stay and the lengthy security checks at each terminal. And at the same time, there are no ways to avoid these hindrances so it's important to stay patient while traveling and situating one's self around an active airport.

One of the busiest international airports resides in Los Angeles at LAX. Because it has numerous terminals that travel to all parts of the world and is also at the center of Hollywood, Los Angeles and Burbank, there are many travelers who depart from and arrive at LAX. Even residents from neighboring counties are forced to fly out of LAX because it is the closest international airport in the area. Delays can be extremely prevalent at LAX, especially during the holiday season and long weekends. In order to proceed with the most time efficient traveling, here are some LAX parking tips and resources to keep in mind before departing to the destination.

If the vacation or business trip spans over just a few days, it may be important to look into long-term parking at LAX. The worst idea when traveling is paying overpriced rates while being hurried to get to the airport terminal. Instead, plan for parking arrangements before the trip by researching what types of parking lots are available that accommodate long term parking. There are many parking spots that are just a couple miles from LAX that will happily arrange for curbside service or a shuttle to the terminal.

Some more LAX airport parking tips include looking into parking lots that offer underground parking and lots that offer covered parking. Although there may be an additional charge for this option, it will keep vehicles clean and free of dust and/or debris while away on the vacation or business trip. Some areas close to international airports are subject to much dust and debris, so keep this in mind before arranging parking options.

Ask the parking attendant or supervisor if security is on hand to watch over the cars overnight before booking a reservation for LAX parking. Some parking lots may offer 24 hour surveillance cameras or an actual attendant that will only allow for registered vehicle owners to enter the parking lot territory. Knowing that the vehicle is safely being guarded and free from problems will most certainly be of reassurance.

As far as resources for LAX parking are concerned, contact the airport concierge for any suggestions as to which parking lot to leave the vehicle at. They might have a preference for a parking garage to work with or may even have recommendations for certain areas to avoid when parking for an extended period of time.