LA Noire, from the prominent Rockstar Games, was recently released into the gaming market and never having anything but respect for the company i found the game in my hands quickly.  LA Noire begins as a reminiscent playful game featuring old Los Angeles bright and shining, the glory of the old days when cops could do whatever they pleased to solve a case, and all the fantastic cars of the 1940s.  The player threatens violence to get answers, although required to have a warrant you never actually need one, and suspects never get their lawyers.  Never having lived during this time period i found myself in awe, the building that glistened with new paint, the apartments made with architectural beauty, and the cars.  Many times i would jump out of the police car and switch to one of the many cars that filled the street.  Hidden vehicles can even be unlocked that are even more striking.  You may notice i talk about the cars a lot, because that was one of the only enjoyments i received from the game.  


***Spoiler Alert***


The character is forced to make many bad decisions that leave a bad taste in my mouth, along with this at every interrogation you are forced to guess at what is the right thing to ask or say and almost always are wrong.  After the first 2 easy cases, i found myself having gathered all the evidence and clues and then dropping into the interview room ready for go time.  I had all the evidence and i knew this suspect was it, little did i know the challenge of actually booking a suspect.  Despite all the evidence you may have gathered, you are forced guessing and left hearing the snarky remarks of the suspect across the table.  Rockstar ends each case with a case report and they weigh the clues you found and the questions you answered correctly to determine your grade, with the questions so impossible i found myself closer to 3 stars than 5 stars even with all my preparation before an interview.

Despite the characters lack of morals and the tricky questioning, you are forced to use the same pistol through out the entire game.  Having played Grand Theft Auto several times i was excited for the Tommy Gun or a shotgun to chase criminals with but these could only be obtained from the criminals you put down and where dismissed after every fight scene.  

LA Noire is a beautiful game, featuring the luxurious Los Angeles when the lights of Hollywoodland shone in the distance, the cars all glisten, corruption was everywhere, and cops walked in and did whatever they needed to do.  Unfortunately behind all this beauty is a network of complicated questioning that leaves you frustrated and feeling stupid after the snarky remarks.  And the ending is the cataclysmic bitter taste that made me put the game down.  If you do not mind the tricky gameplay and the tiring fights with the same pistol the game holds some replay value but beyond its flashy image holds very little.  Despite the game not being for me, you may find some enjoyment, i know i did with the cars.