An LCD Picture Frame is a Fast and Easy Way to Preserve Your Precious Photos

The LCD Picture Frame I Gave my DadCredit: Jeni10

Showcase All Your Photographs With an LCD Picture Frame

Whatever the season, or reason, give your family, friend, or yourself the gift of memories with an LCD picture frame.

You’ve just returned from your dream Hawaiian honeymoon cruise. You’re both happy, tanned, and a little pudgy around the middle from all that sumptuous cruise cuisine. You both also have several memory cards full of photographs.

There are pictures of your soulmate in his bathing suit. Given this is a family website, we won’t talk about his many 'poses'! Then, there was the day your sweet little genius decided to try surfing. And, of course, there are at least a million snapshots of him decked out in his tuxedo for dinner.

Okay, this is Hawaii – the beautiful land of “Aloha.” So yes, you did snap a couple shots of the breathtaking scenery.

Suffice it to say, you can’t part with any of your beloved pictures. They’re an integral memory of this special and fun time of your marriage and life together. Ones you’ll want to share with your children and your grandchildren. However, before the children and grandchildren arrive, he and you will want to relive, together, again and again, these extraordinary times.

So, what do you do with all those photographs?

You could purchase packages of high-grade photo paper, and print them out! Print them out? Yikes! All zillion and one!

And after you print them out, what, then, will you do with them? Framing them isn’t an ideal solution. If you live in a cramped apartment, where would you display all those pictures? There’d be no room for the two of you to dwell!

Yes, printing and framing so many snapshots is both unpractical, and would be a terribly expensive endeavor in terms of the cost of ink, paper, and frames.

A less costly option would be to purchase some photo albums. Print your pictures yourself, or take them to a business that can do it at a reduced cost for bulk, and then place them in the album. Sometimes, you can even find albums on sale. It may take awhile to complete this project, but, together, along the journey, the two of you will enjoy reliving your honeymoon.

But then what? You place all the pretty little albums on a bookcase, and when do you take them down and view them again? Life’s busy, and sadly, there isn’t time to relive the precious moments of our life. We should make time for this, but we don’t.

I think one of the best ways to preserve, share, and be able to easily revisit your photos is through the use an LCD picture frame.

Sony DPF-HD800 8-Inch Digital Photo Frame with HD Playback
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What is an LCD picture frame?

In simple terms, an LCD picture frame is an electronic display devise that allows you to upload your photographs, and they’ll be displayed as a slideshow. In other words, all the snapshots you upload will cycle across the screen, thereby allowing each one to be, in essence, framed for a moment in time, before proceeding to the next.

Many companies manufacture an LCD picture frame. And, except for a few different features, all of them pretty much operate the same way.

Sony DPF-D710 7-Inch WVGA LCD (16:10) Digital Photo Frame (Black)
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(price as of May 27, 2015)
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Size, resolution, and aspect ratio ... oh my!

With every LCD picture frame, you’ll have to consider the size, resolution, and aspect ratio you desire.

You can purchase an LCD picture frame in a variety of sizes. As with televisions, the screen size is measured on the diagonal. For something unique, check out an LCD picture frame that comes in under two inches and doubles as a key chain.

Without getting terribly technical, resolution relates to pixels. Pixels are related to the quality and clearness of the photo display. As you purchase a larger LCD picture frame, you want a larger pixel number to achieve the best resolution.

Aspect ratio, like pixels, can be confusing in their technicality. Aspect ratio relates to the way a photo is taken in your camera. To ensure that your snapshots in your LCD picture frame aren’t distorted, make sure the aspect ratio of your camera matches that in your new LCD picture frame.

Total Rating 4.3 of 5 Stars

Lights, camera, action ... and upload!

The actual process of uploading your photographs to your LCD picture frame can happen in several ways. As with other facets of our techno world, you’ll pay a higher price for more cutting edge methods.

An LCD picture frame, that’s been designed and built with Wi-Fi capability, offers you the freedom of uploading your photos using a wireless connection. The pros of a Wi-Fi capable LCD picture frame are, of course, convenience, but the downsides are, they’re higher in cost, and sometimes, the technology isn’t user friendly.

A cheaper way to upload your snapshots is to select an LCD picture frame that uses photo memory cards or a USB flash drive.

Last Christmas, I bought my dad an LCD picture frame, and it called for a USB flash drive. The process of uploading the pictures was simple.

I purchased a USB flash drive, and using my laptop, I transferred the photos from his camera’s memory cards to the USB flash drive. It was fast and painless. Once I had selected and saved all these snapshots to the USB flash drive, I plugged it into the back of the LCD picture frame, and voilà, we had our custom photograph show.

USB flash drives can be purchased at a variety of price points. The more data they hold, meaning the higher the gigabyte, the more they cost. But like other members of the electronic and techno field, you can find high gigabyte USB flash drives on sale. When shopping for your USB flash drive, consult the packaging for a chart or graph that tells you the number of photographs it will save.

SanDisk 16GB Cruzer USB 2.0 Flash Drive Jump Drive Pen Drive CZ36 - Two Pack
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SanDisk 32 GB Cruzer Twin Pack 64 GB (32GB x2) USB 2.0 Flash Drive, CZ36 Thumb Drive
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It needs to be noted that an LCD picture frame also comes with some built in memory, and the amount will vary from product to product. However, to display the largest number of photos, with your LCD picture frame, I’d recommend using a high gigabyte USB flash drive. And remember, you can always remove your USB flash drive, and delete/add new snapshots. Get crafty, and create holiday and birthday themed slideshows on your LCD picture frame.

Other LCD picture frame features can cost more money.

The above verbiage describes the operation and capability of the LCD picture frame that I gave my dad. It’s a basic LCD picture frame, but it’s an excellent LCD picture frame. In the end, it delivers what I wanted it to do – it showcases our family photographs in a slideshow format.

Nevertheless, if you’re searching for an LCD picture frame that will do more, they’re out there to purchase. You can find an LCD picture frame that will play music and other video mediums, some that can be connected to your laptop or desktop and function as a second monitor, and some that come with remote controls for operation.

These are just a few of these other additional features. Some of these additional features make an LCD picture frame costlier, and some are included with a basic model. Remember, however, the more features you have, the more that can break, and the harder the LCD picture frame may be to manage for those who aren’t techno savvy, regardless of their age.


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Organize, enjoy, showcase, and have fun with your photos, with an LCD picture frame.