So, you've narrowed things down between getting an LCD television or a LED television. Both are fine choices. I think that you would be happy either way as long as you choose a good model.

Still, let's look at some lcd vs led tv comparison. The obvious difference between the two is that LED televisions use less electricity than LCD televisions. This is the main selling point for an LED television.

Now, this is also the main selling point for an LCD television if you are comparing them to a plasma television. So, if LCD televisions are already known to use less electricity, then why should you purchase something that uses just a little bit less than that?

Well, because LED televisions go a step beyond just using less electricity. LED televisions also are good at being bright even though they use less electricity. Now, an LED television won't be as bright as a plasma television. I don't think any television will ever be as bright as the plasmas are.

Still, they are bright enough to get the job done. You won't be watching your LED screen wishing that it was brighter. You might be doing this if you were watching an LCD screen. So, now that you know a little bit about the basics, let's talk about lcd vs led tv comparison.

If you are going to be comparing one specific LCD television to an LED television, then the first thing you would probably look at would be price. LCD televisions have been around longer. That means that they are cheaper than the newer LED televisions. That's just how things work.

So, if you went to the store and your only thought was about how you wanted to spend the littlest amount of money possible, then you would probably end up purchasing the LCD television over the LED television.

That's not everything about purchasing a television. If we are doing serious lcd vs led tv comparison, then we also need to talk about how an LED television is going to impress your friends more than an LCD television is going to.

Let's face it, if you are purchasing a flat screen television, at least part of you is interested in the wow effect that it is going to have on people that see it. You want people to be impressed when they walk into your house.

The wow effect is getting harder and harder to accomplish. People are finding huge televisions in everyone's house. Did you know that one of the number one things that people buy with financial aid is a flat screen television?

So, when even the poor people have a large television, that means you need to one up them. The way you do that is by going with the newest product. LED is newer than LCD.

It wins that contest fair and square. I hope that these thoughts have helped you with your lcd vs led tv comparison. This can be a complicated process, and it helps to have a few more opinions in your mind.