When you are out shopping for a new television, it can be extremely confusing due to all of the recent innovations in TV technology. From plasma to LCD, 1080i to 1080p, and price tags that can differ by thousands of dollars, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. One of the most confusing distinctions is LCD vs LED television sets, as they seem to be almost identical. However, you’ll find yourself paying hundreds of dollars more for LED technology, but what is the difference?

LCD has become the cheapest flat screen television display available on the market today. It has a resolution and image quality that is significantly lower than plasma TV sets, but it also comes at around one fifth of the price. They have been around much longer than plasma, but recent innovations have started to develop LCD technology and bring it into a new age. These innovations are in the form of backlighting, and the TV sets with this technology are referred to as LED televisions.

Backlighting is extremely important since LCD monitors do not produce light themselves. In other words, they need a light source behind them so that you will be able to see the picture that is being displayed. In LCD TVs, this light source is called “Cold-Cathode Fluorescent Lamp” and is comprised of tubes of fluorescent lamps that are located behind the image.

While seemingly not very advanced, it gets the job done and for most people, image quality is more than acceptable. With LED TVs, they use “light-emitting diode” technology, or LED for short. All this means is that instead of multiple tubes behind the display, there is a grid of diodes with a ton of small lights that light up like christmas tree bulbs. These are much more accurate in terms of timing, and they also can be shut off in the black portions of the picture, which brings a greater feeling of depth.

This is the fact that is most confusing to consumers, and it is the root of the LCD vs LED television sets debate. How can an LED TV also be an LCD TV? It might help to think of LCD as the basic model, and LED as simply the more advanced and expensive model of LCD. While comparing LCD vs LED television sets, the first thing that you should consider is what you are going to use it for.

If you are looking for a TV for gaming, then you should save your money and purchase an LCD model. However, if you are looking for a centerpiece to your home entertainment system, than LED is absolutely going to be your best choice since it produces much higher image quality, and gives you a greater feeling of depth and contrast. 

While the LCD vs LED television sets debate is still an very important one, it is becoming less and less relevant in the TV market. This is because LED backlighting is becoming cheaper and cheaper as the technology becomes increasingly better, and the old LCD TVs will hence soon be obsolete. If you can’t wait until then, then an investment in an LED TV (such as the LED HD TV LG Infinia 42 inch or that of the Sharp LC40LE830U Quattron 40 inch LED HD TV) is going to be able provide you with the technology that will not be replaced or improved upon in the near future, and you will find that the few extra hundred dollars will be well worth it.