Choices are endless when it comes to choosing a lantern to use while camping. Choosing the right one can be difficult. Coleman has great options for both LED and the electric camping lantern. Their best LED camping lanterns are called the Coleman LED Quad Lantern.

This lantern comes with four removable LED panels allowing campers the ability to use each panel as a guided light on their way around their campsite at night. Each individual panel holds six LEDs to allow for optimum brightness along with a top handle for easy carry. Each panel has a rechargeable battery that charges back up once it is in place on the lantern. Off the lantern, the panels can run for 1.5 hours when fully charged.

This Coleman LED lantern calls for eight D-cell batteries and guarantees a lasting power of 75 hours. When fully assembled, its light span can reach up to 26 feet. Coleman has a vast array of electric camping lanterns. They come in several different styles and sizes. Some even have remotes.

One of their better electric lanterns is the Coleman Retro Rechargeable Battery Powered Lantern in family size. As it name states, it is rechargeable. It comes with an 11-watt fluorescent spiral U-tube bulb.

The Coleman Camping Lantern Retro is different from other lanterns in this category in that its bulb helps to direct the light upwards and outward, allowing for less glare and easy visibility at night. It also has a nine-hour run time when fully charged. The charge adapter is stored in the base of the lantern for easy access. It also comes with a built in nightlight for those young campers who want a bit of security in the nighttime.

It is easy to take this lantern and use it as one of your hanging lanterns in your tent. Most tents these days have a loop at the top of the tent to attach your light, whatever it may be, so you have a broadcast light.

While price of the Coleman electric camping lantern is comparable to their LED lanterns, there are several pros to using the LED lanterns over the electric lanterns. The main two are longevity and environmental benefits.

LED lights are known to last nearly 10 times the lifetime of a regular bulb. They also use much less energy than a regular bulb. Despite the LED lighting being a little more costly, in the end, you will save money because you will not need to purchase lighting as often as you would regular light bulbs.

Another pro to the LED lighting is how much easier on the eyes they can be while regular bulbs are sometimes glaring, especially at night in a dark campground.