LED dental operatory lights have become an increasing presence in the dental industry, while once standard halogen lights are becoming unnecessary and relatively costly to use. Halogen technology has been the mainstay for decades and while they perform well enough, there are many disadvantages for businesses that still use them.


Burning Filaments = Too Much Heat

Halogen lights contain a filament and use halogen gas to create light. This filament must be hot before any light can be produced. Anyone who has used strong halogens for lengths of time, and in a confined space, will understand that the heat can be distracting and difficult to work with. Stopping to turn a halogen light off, simply because it has become too hot, can be an issue. LED lighting is particularly useful for dentistry because it does not produce the same heat as older forms of lighting. Keeping an operatory at an optimal temperature requires less energy without any hot lighting to keep cool, and this equates to higher profits.


Quiet Operation

If being under a hot light is intimidating and uncomfortable for patients, trying to feel at ease with a loud and off-putting light in their face might be impossible. LEDs are not only cooler, but they are quieter. LED dental operatory lights are smarter for those who wish to give their patients a pleasant and memorable - for the right reasons - experience.


Save Money On maintainance

While halogen lights need replacing several times during each year, an LED light will be able to continue shining brightly for substantially longer. There will simply be greatly less need to replace an LED light. As well as lasting considerably longer, LED dental operatory lights are not fragile, as is the case with traditional forms of lighting. Instead of spending time to take care with delicate dental operatory lighting, it is preferable to work quickly.


Fast Response Time Means Faster Work

A need to finish each job as quickly as possible makes the response time of dental lights a crucial factor. LED lights have a fast response time, so work can continue swiftly. Modern equipment should work with, and for, humans instead of hindering their progress; this is what LED dental operatory lighting does.


Modern Features With Modern Technology

Working quickly is worth little if the outcome is not of quality. LED lighting produces less shadowing than other sources of artificial light, allowing for more accurate work and less need to move the light source around to view the oral cavity in its entirety.

When the lights do need moving, it is easy because there are generally more mounting options with these newer types on lights. Whether a ceiling set up, or a pole mounted unit is desired, manufacturers have found ways to merge the new technology nto dental operatories. There are also more options with how LEDs emit light, in the form of greater lux intensity settings.


LED Dentistry Lighting Is Worth Considering

The financial benefits of LED operatory lights are many. Longer-lasting LEDs mean less money needs to be spent on new bulbs each year. A more durable product makes it more likely that lighting will last. LEDs are cooler and quieter, and they have a faster response time. All of these benefits add up to more profits at the end of the year.


© Michael Kaltenbrunner 2013