LEGO Death Star


One of the best features of the LEGO Death Star 10188 set is the tweny four included LEGO figures. Luke Skywalker and Han Solo figures are included wearing Storm Trooper outfits just like in the film. The best feature of this set is simply the ability to play out scenes from the film. The earlier version of the Death Star by LEGO was more of a diaroma style building block set while this version was created with playability in mind.


Many die hard fans point out that this version of the Death Star is not 100% accurate as far as the actual original film goes. There are features of this set that are unique to the original, incomplete Death Star and there are also features that are unique to the second, completed Death Star. Another factor which could deter someone from purchasing this LEGO set is the amount of money it costs. Typically ringing in at around $400 it is not a cheap toy.

Full Review

The LEGO Death Star 10188 is absolutely one of the coolest LEGO sets available today. Released in 2008, the Death Star is a very ambitious build even for the most skilled LEGO set builder. The LEGO Death Star is very playable once you do have it together with different sections to place the included LEGO figures and plenty of room. The 10188 LEGO set is one of the largest LEGO playsets officially released to date and is very popular. With over 3,800 LEGO building blocks included and weighing in at around a whopping twenty pounds, this Star Wars LEGO set is not for the beginner and requires a good amount of time to have completed.

The LEGO Death Star includes 24 LEGO Star Wars figures, a few of which are exclusive to this LEGO set. The LEGO Dianoga Trash Monster is notable because it was not included in an earlier version of the Death Star by the LEGO Group. With this mini figure it is now possible to recreate the very popular trash compactor scene from the original Star Wars series of films.

In Closing

Despite the price tag I would certainly recommend this LEGO set to somebody who is willing to put in the time to build it. Also the exclusivity and value of the included LEGO Star Wars mini figures can be worth the investment itself as these figures fetch high prices individually on popular auction sites like eBay. These factors along with the sheer "coolness" of the LEGO Death Star make it a very unique set and well worth the price.