The good thing with LG plasma TV is its ability to compete among other well-known manufacturers of plasma television. Take for example LG's newest model 50PX4D. Once you see the appealing beauty of LG 50PX4D, you can start believing the truth behind 'love at first sight'.

It's something you can describe as jazzy with its highly glossed surround inset of black screen, encased by a robustly chic outer frame in titanium silver, that's what you call a 'real sight for sore eyes'. You'd be much happier when you find out that this baby is 50 inches (yes, you heard it right!) and on sale.

Well, at first you might think that there's a catch why its being greatly offered as it is. But the beauty of LG 50PX4D doesn't stop just there. The good stuff is continued with the ports. The connection portals of LG 50PX4D compared to other full-priced rivals are way much better.

With LG 50PX4D, you'll get three ports when other will only offer you two. You'll have a 'PC D-Sub' for your computer input; HDMI and other component for video options; and slots for JPEGS and MP3s direct playback including different multimedia memory card formats.

This LG plasma TV model 50PX4D will also provide you with a system that will boost color gradations for subtlety. There's also a booster for brightness, a system for color enhancement, a sharpness enhancer, a range expander for contrast and a system for tree-dimensional movements.

There are still other features to be offered, even though you're already thinking that for such price it has already outdid itself. Not to worry about it because there's more and it's far from being over yet.
LG 50PX4D has a 'picture in picture' system and various systems for noise reduction as well.

Not to mention solutions for burn in troubles on your plasma screen. It has multiple techniques to avoid it including individual adjustments for its skin tone.

Regarding the sound system of LG 50PX4D, it's unexpectedly better as well. The levels of the bass are convincing, well-controlled and reasonably deep. With harshness-free treble, the soundstage comes out alive. Voices are always considered clear even when some of the sound get mixed together.

What do you think of this LG plasma TV? Yes, I agree, it is borderline irresistible with everything it has to offer. You can probe deeper but you might find that its difficult to resist it any longer as you delve into it much deeper, or you might found out something different and totally lose you interest.

Because no matter how good this might get, there will always be flaws. You might found out in the end that it's not worth it, so don't be put off by the unbelievably low price it has to offer.