The LG 55LM7600 is a 55-inch screen perfect for use as part of a home cinema system. It has a large screen size and is packed with the latest technology including full 1080 p resolution, 240 Hz refresh rate, LED backlight and Internet connectivity. In this article we are going to review the LG 55LM7600 to have a look at its spec and whether you should buy one or not.


The specification of the LG 55LM7600 screen includes:

  • Large 55-inch display.
  • Passive 3-D system (doesn't use expensive active shutter glasses).
  • 240 Hz refresh rate.
  • LED backlight.
  • Magic remote.

Picture quality

Picture quality of the LG 55LM7600 is what you expect from a television set that costs around $2500. Looking at reviews people have stated that the picture quality is excellent and that with some tweaks you can make it even better. The image is reported to be sharp and provides good detail–probably helped by its high 240 Hz refresh rate. This TV comes with a passive 3-D system, which means that includes 6 pairs of 3-D glasses. Passive 3-D is the future and the glasses are much less expensive and don't require charging, making this the perfect solution for anyone with a large family who all want to watch 3-D at the same time. It would be an ideal TV that anyone wanting to watch sports events such as football, baseball or even the Olympics.

Sound quality

This TV is very thin and one of the issues with thin televisions is that the sound quality can sometimes suffer. This is because these speakers on the screen are much smaller than they would normally be, meaning that they can't get as deep as sound as bigger speakers can. I think the speakers on this television would be fine to anyone wanting to watch normal TV shows, and of course you can add in additional full surround sound speakers or a sound bar if you wish to have higher audio quality.

User interface

The LG 55LM7600 has an interesting remote control which is more similar to the Wii remote from Nintendo or mice from companies like Logitech. It allows you to quickly interact with the screen rather than having to repeatedly press small buttons on a control pad like most companies have.

Other features

This TV from LG has many interesting features apart from its TV functionality. These include full DLNA support, intelligent sensors to optimize backlighting, energy Star qualification and a very interesting feature on how to use a single screen to display 2 images for gaming. By buying special glasses 3-D mode can be made so that it can display 2 separate images to 2 users as long as they are wearing specific classes. I assume these glasses work through the polarization and that the 3-D mode would be available with this function at the same time. The design of this TV is so that has a very thin bezel running around the screen, which makes it look very high-end.


  • Large 55-inch screen.
  • Full 1080p resolution.
  • Lots of additional functionality.
  • Ultra-thin bezel around the screen.


  • Speaker quality aren't as strong as the picture quality.
  • The TV is quite heavy.
  • Remote can lose tracking occasionally.

Should you buy the LG 55LM7600 TV?

I think this is a great TV. It is suitable for anyone wanting to put a new TV into a lounge, home cinema or even a gym. High-end users may want to use in conjunction with a sound bar or cinema speaker setup. As ever, you should try to look at one of these instore to ensure that is up to specification and does what you want it to.

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