The LG BD650 Blu-ray player is a low-cost component for your home cinema setup. It is available from for very little money–around £60 in the United Kingdom from online websites such as Amazon. More and more of us are using Blu-ray as it iz the best way of getting high definition content onto new TVs, and this player is a cheap way of accessing Blu-ray disks.

In this article we are going to have a look at the LG BD650 Blu-ray player, see what features it has, whether you should buy it and what uses it might have for you. If you wish to see the product page for this Blu-ray player, you can reach the Amazon link here.

Key features

The key features of the LG BD650 Blu-ray player are:

  • 1080 p Blu-ray playback
  • Region two playback support
  • External HDD playback support
  • Support for DVD, CD and audio CD playback

Picture quality

This Blu-ray player isn't very expensive. It therefore lacks advanced features such as 3-D playback. However its low-cost means that it be suitable for using in secondary rooms like kids playroom, kitchens and bedrooms. The picture quality is fairly standard and it automatically adjusts to your TV's resolution. The player also does a fairly good job of scaling DVDs up to full HD resolution.


Waiting for a Blu-ray player to load up can be very irritating. This Blu-ray player loads fairly quickly and several comments on the Amazon website confirm this. Most users report a boot up time of between five and 10 seconds.


Noise levels of the BD650 are low having used a PS3 for most of my Blu-ray playback. This is always useful, especially in small rooms and when you need the volume turned down. Loud fans can ruin quieter scenes in films and movies.

Other features

The other features of this device include USB playback allowing you to connect USB devices to playback certain formats on your TV. This can be useful feature although you must be careful which formats you use. This Blu-ray player does lack higher end features such as support for IPTV, but most people will not be buying this Blu-ray player for those uses.


  • Low-cost
  • Fast start-up
  • Low noise


  • Doesn't ship with HDMI cable
  • No networking capabilities

Should you buy the LG BD650 2D Blu-ray player?

This Blu-ray player offers good value for money. Most people would find it useful if they were buying yet for secondary rooms–not their main home cinema setup. The impression from reading Amazon reviews is that the product is reliable and the main issue is the lack of HDMI cable in the box, although they may have rectified this with newer versions. I would only recommend using this as your main Blu-ray player if you were not a huge Blu-ray disk fan.

Have you bought the LG BD650? Would you recommend this Blu-ray player to others? Feel free to leave a comment below, and you can join IB by using the links at the top of the page.