LG Rumor Phone


Light Weight
Full Qwerty Keyboard
Keyboard is nicely spaced ou


Not available in 3G
Camera isn't that impressive
Flex cable can have problems
Screen is flush with outer casing causing easy cracking.

Full Review

In this article we will be providing an LG Rumor Review. This review is unbiased and comes from the hands of somebody who has used the phone extensively for numerous months.

The LG Rumor was a very highly anticipated phone and has been well received by the majority of North American residents.

If you are unfamiliar with the LR Rumor, it is a mobile phone produced by LG. The LG Rumor is a full QWERTY keyboard slide out cell phone. There is one screen above the number keyboard that changes orientation depending on whether the slide out keyboard is pulled out or not.

While the LG Rumor is not a 3G phone it still does have some high end features such as GPS which can be really helpful when trying to find your way around.

The slide out QWERTY keyboard on the LG Rumor is well spaced out and is very easy to use unlike the slide out keyboard found on the Rumors Competition (Samsung Vice).

Common problems with the LG Rumor include easy to damage screen which is the result of a glass screen located flush on the outside of the case. This can be alleviated easily by packing your phone in a case.

The Flex cable that connects the slide out portion of the phone with the top portion with the keyboard has also been known to have problems but is always fixed under the Manufacturers Warranty provided by LG.

Overall the LG Rumor is a very nice phone that is tremendously popular amongst teenagers because of the fantastic QWERTY keyboard. For a business man who needs email and more data features you should probably pass up on the Rumor and head for the Blackberry section.

In Closing

All in all, if you are a regular feature phone user, the LG Rumor would be a great transitional phone for somebody who is not quite ready to pay for the extra data features associated with a Smart Phone but still wants to have access to a full QWERTY keyboard to make texting easier.