When you’re shopping for your next washing machine, the LG washer WM2650HWA is a must see model. It is very important to look at all the options and not pick the first washer you see, and there are some critical aspects to consider, such as utility, cost, and your own personal aesthetic preference.

LG has a strong reputation for quality products. They produce a wide variety of products including electronics, chemicals, and power generators. They employ around 220,000 people worldwide and have headquarters in Seoul, South Korea. Their mission statement declares a drive to make customers happy via innovation. Their motto is “great company, great people,” meaning that only people who are looking out for the customer can make a great company.

LGs Modern Style

This top rated company has a unique style. They make all kinds of home appliances, including refrigerators, washers, dryers and dishwashers. Their products usually have a modern and sleek feel about them. It is easy to imagine one of their products in a recently remodeled home. The WM2650HWA comes in the standard white with chrome dials and door, as well as “wild cherry red” for the appliance buyer with some flare. The red is very extravagant and could make a room come alive, however the white is the more popular choice for most shoppers. These machines achieve a great harmony of elegance and sass.


Certainly, this machine is much more than a conversation piece, it serves an important role in your daily household life. While, it is true that the right appliance can tie a room together, its main job is to do your laundry. When you are shopping for the best machine for you, there are key considerations like what type of laundry you have, how much you have as well as space and energy issues. The ideal machine for you is the one that best fits your needs.


When looking at these factors, efficiency is one of the chief concerns, especially when water, gas and electricity prices are on the rise. This washer, like all LG products, carries the Energy Star endorsement. Energy Star is a rating from the United States, employed by the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency. It is currently recognized and praised in many other countries like, Taiwan, Australia, Japan and the whole of the European Union. This means that this particular brand achieves minimally 20% energy and cost savings on all of its products. The WM2650HWA was awarded the 2012 most efficient design by the Energy Star review. This machine will save resources and money.


While this product has been very well rated for its efficiency, it is a large machine and may not be ideal for everyone. The bachelor who does a single load once a week has little need for such a big unit. It is, however, perfect for a family who wants to do large loads maybe more frequently. Its 3.6 cubic foot tub allows for heftier loads. It also has a wide range of cycle settings to accommodate for different sized loads, as well as different types of material like, delicates, knits and whites. Many brands and models have similar features, though it is important to consider the variety of uses a machine will have before you make your final decision.

On top of its wide array of settings it also has cutting edge steam cleaning machinery. LG claims that this new innovation is able to get deeper stains out and penetrate into hard to clean fabrics. They have also included a new cold wash setting that uses specials 6 motion technology to save on water heating costs, while still getting the same deep clean as you would with a hot wash. This is really an all in one machine.

Size and Storage

Although this machine is made to support people who need to wash large loads, that doesn’t mean it is cumbersome or particularly bulky. On the contrary, it has been made to fit in a small modern home while taking up minimal floor space. Top load machines usually take up a bit more space especially when you have a washer, dryer combo. This isn’t the case with front-loading machines, though, they are much easier to put in a closet or in some small nook or cranny in your home. In fact, LG makes a stacking kit for just this purpose. If you have the matching washer-dryer set, it is a snap to put one atop the other for maximum convenience and storability.

Where to Buy These Products

There are a few places to find these machines for sale. The most common would be a local appliance retailer, a big nationwide dealer or online. These are the obvious and best places to search.

Local appliance shops will carry a good variety and will usually give very good customer service. Sales people at these retailers however are often paid on commission, and will really try to sell you on a product. This can be both good and bad; some sales people can be pushy, but on the other hand they will often give good prices and warranties in order to entice you because they want to make the sale. When you go to one of these stores put on a straight face and don’t be fooled by sales tactics. Be clear about what you want and how much you are willing to pay, and you will have a good experience.

Larger stores, like Home Depot, Sears, and Best Buy, have some other luxuries to take into account. They’ll often provide free delivery and installation. They will often mark their products at a lower price than the local stores; however, they will be less inclined in giving discounts and special offers. The downside to stores like this is that they lack in customer service and relationship building. The smaller vendors will be more concerned with keeping you as a customer and meeting your needs.

The next option is to buy online. If you have done all the research and looked around this is a great idea. You can cut out the middleman and almost always find excellent deals. There is little to no customer service, however. For some shoppers this is a turn off.

Finding the perfect washer for your home and needs can be a daunting task. It is very important to look at many different brands and models. Look at customer reports, compare prices and don’t settle. After you have done some research and analysis, you can make a smart and informed decision.