Credit: Billy Alexander

If you're an electronics enthusiast, then you've probably already heard of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). It's where all the big electronic companies come to showcase their latest technology. If you want to be the first to know what hot new product is going to be released in the year, this is a good way to find out. This latest event held over 128,000 people making it the largest electronics event in America. Unfortunately though, it's not open to the public so the only way people will be able to know what new products were unveiled is by reading press releases or visiting the website. If you're in the tech field or are working for the press, you can sign up for free if you've registered before September. Just a heads up for the 2012 event. But if you weren't at the 2011 CES, Here are a few winners from the LG company.

Blu-ray Player

Blu-ray players are becoming a hot commodity as the Blu-ray format is becoming the preferred choice. LG is responding to that with their LG BP690 portable Blu-ray player. This device will play MKV and Divx HD content. It can connect with an external hard drive and a separate HD equipped TV with an HDMI cable. It also includes being able to browse sites like Youtube, Picasa, and Accuweather online. Picasa is a photo application owned by Google. You can share images, edit photos and easily sort them in numerous ways. Unless you've been an outcast from society, you know what Youtube is. And Accuweather is sort of self-explanatory. This player won the award for portable media player at the 2011 CES. LG also has low-priced portable DVD players out there in the market, but most models have been discontinued. They couldn't quite compete with Philips portable DVD players and others so you'd be lucky to find any on the market.


Another winner at the 2011 CES is LG's LW950. This is a slim 3D HDTV that uses Nano technology to backlight the display. Nano HD displays provide more color saturation than normal LED monitors while not using too much energy to do so. Earlier in 2010, LG released their LEX8 3D TV with this new Nano LED technology that had the thinnest profile of any LED TV. This newly integrated Nano technology is the reason it won under the "Best of Innovations" category. Additionally, the bezel is only .6 inches meaning this badboy will fit in most places. Additionally, the LW950 has that same borderless design that LG introduced back at the 2009 IFA (another consumer electronics conference based in Europe). They remove the seam that separates the screen and bezel making for a superior looking TV than its competitors.

Home Theater System

Winner of the Integrated Home Theater Systems category from LG is the HX996TS. It includes Smart TV technology, immersive 3D sound, Internet connectivity and various other features. To produce the 3D sound, the speakers emit audio overhead so that you're lost in a sea of sound. You can also hook up an iPhone or iPad to the device which is becoming the norm on a lot of devices. Divx connectivity allows you to watch your downloaded movies with the 7.2 channel speakers and 1280W amp. The Tallboy speakers themselves look sort of extraterrestrial; almost like something you'd see on a spaceship. If you're a sci-fi junky, these would definitely fit those alien flicks.

What Next

These are some of the highlighted winners from the South Korean company. Over the years, they've made a name for themselves in the electronics industry. They're the ones constantly producing the slimmest flat screens, and employing new technology to compete with various electronics companies like RCAand Samsung. These models might be a tad too steep pricewise, but who knows, some new technological advancement might bring these models into liquidation mode in a few years. Such is the unpredictability of the electronics industry.

image from Billy Alexander/ stock.xchng