LG is one of the major electronics manufactures of the world and ever since the inception of Smartphones industry, LG as been among the top developers of these phones as well. Most of the LG Smartphones so far run Google Android as their operating system. LG entered the market of Smartphones at a later stage compared to Samsung, HTC and Motorola but has since developed some of the finest devices available in the market.

The first LG Smartphone that graced the US market was LG Incite which came under contract with AT&T. Contrary to most of the later Smartphones from LG, this phone was Windows Mobile OS based and contained a 3 inch touchscreen along with a virtual keyboard. The device had complete support for GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and contained an integrated 3 mega pixels camera and a microSD card slot.

Overall, it was a pretty decent Smartphone with all the essential technical features of a high-end device. Another important device released by LG was LG Optimus M. This is an Android based phone which can be considered a mid range device form LG. The device has a 3.2 mega pixel camera and a 3.2 inch touch screen display. LG has released various phones in the Optimus series and in this series, LG Optimus 3D happens to be the most famous mobile so far.

This phone was released in Jan 2011 and the technical specs of this device include Android 2.2 Froyo operating system, 4.3 inch screen and a smart and slick body. The phone also has a dual 5 megapixel camera with the facilities of autofocus and LED flash. Other technical specs include an internal storage capacity of 8 GB and a 512 MB of RAM. Storing requirements can further be fulfilled via the SD card slot. The operating system is upgradable to the next version of Android named Gingerbread.  

LG Optimus V is another noteworthy device from the same Optimus series. This device also runs Android OS and can be considered one of the best entry-level Android Smartphones. Having a screen size of 3.2 inches and a 3.2 mega pixel camera, this device is available under contract with Virgin Mobile. The big step was taken by LG with the release of LG Revolution in 2011 containing high-end technical specs.

This amazing device runs Android Gingerbread, has a 5 mega pixels camera and has a screen size of 4.2 inches. In US, other than being available unlocked, this phone comes under contract with Verizon Wireless. LG Revolution is available under contract at $199 while when purchased unlocked, it costs $519.

So basically when we consider the technical specifications of the GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, they might not be as good as Smartphones from Samsung or HTC, but still certain features of these devices are quite amazing. Besides, the prices of these devices are also low compared to the other two tech giants.