There are many options for lighting in the event of an emergency, from LED lanterns to solar-powered battery banks.  Candles however, always have been and always will be the most reliable form of lighting.  Nowadays most candles are decorative and do not last for long periods when lit.  There are Emergency candles, designed to last many hours during an emergency, but those can be relatively expensive.  The Crisco Candle is a fun alternative, that is probably already in your home.

Crisco Candle(113468)



1 Can of Crisco (Small or Large)

1 Candle Wick, String, etc (3 If you have larger can of Crisco)

1 Paperclip (If you don't have a wick with a metal base)

1 Knife or other object to push the wick down with


Since all Crisco is, is palm and vegetable oils, it makes a safe and great oil base for a candle.


In Truth you can actually use any piece of string that you have, we often had a ball of string hanging around the house, as long as its cotton and tightly wound, you will be ok.


Measure the Wick and cut it


Attach the paper clip or metal base to the wick

Step 3

push the base to the bottom of the can (keep it center)

Step 4

Pound the can on  the counter or floor, to get the Crisco to fill the void left when pushing it in


Now all you need to do is light it!

There is no noticeable smell from the Crisco, and you can take some Lavender Essential oils and put a few drops on top every day as you burn it to give off a more flowery scent.

Many people have asked "Is it Safe?"

Yes it is, you use it for cooking don't you? so its more than fine.  Originally Proctor and Gamble had marketed it for making candles, but as electricity replaced the lamp, they switched it to a food product!

As far as "how long does it last"  I don't have a definitive answer.

I have used my can (the smaller one) and burned it for many hours, and it's still not even noticeably lower in volume.  Some people who have experimented with it have said you can burn it for 8 hours a day for 45 days, and truthfully I think that is pretty spot on!