Hair Bleaching Tips

Let's face it: bleaching your hair in a salon can be an expense that you may not be prepared to pay for. And isn't it funny that you always seem to need a touchup right when your budget is tight? Not to worry. There are plenty of high quality box hair colors that can do a great job coloring your hair until your next salon appointment. I decided to try L'Oreal super blonde cream hair lightening kit on my hair and now that I'm done, I can tell you all about my experience.

L'Oreal super blonde cream hair lightening kit claims that it can work for women of all hair types, both naturally dark and light. If you have naturally dark hair and have ever tried a box of hair color that is specifically designed to lighten your hair, you know how disastrous this can be. The word orange should come to mind, if it hasn't already. My situation was a bit different; I have naturally dark blonde hair that I normally get highlighted. For some reason, my regular stylist got a little crazy with the low lights at my last appointment. I went in for some additional highlights to lighten things up a bit, but unfortunately, because the low lights were so dark, it ended up looking streaky and rooty. I was getting a bit frustrated, because I paid good money for salon highlights and ended up looking like I was overdue for some highlights, instead of looking fresh. Roots are my pet peeve; they can make you look lazy and unkempt. Unfortunately, I don't think the stylist understood the problem, but I did: the low lights were just too dark. I went out and I bought the L'Oreal hair lightening Kit in bleach blonde #200 color.

Multi-Toned Hair or Bleached Blonde Hair?

I like having multi toned hair; I did not want a head of platinum blonde hair. I also knew that my hair was already overprocessed from all of the highlight it had in it. It didn't seem like a very good idea to add more bleach to my hair, but I really just couldn't stand it anymore. If you have ever had a similar experience, I'm sure you know exactly what I mean. I mixed up the hair color as instructed and decided to use it a little bit differently than the box indicated. Yes, this was a risky proposition, but I was desperate. I applied the dye lightly throughout my hair starting at the back, and working my way towards the front. I raked my fingers through my hair from roots to tip to create a streaky look, as opposed to a complete color coverage. I did the front of my hair last, because I didn't want an extreme change; I do like multi-tones for depth and it looks more natural that way. According to the box, this hair bleach should work in about 30 minutes, and can be left on up to 60 minutes if necessary.

I was afraid that my roots would turn out lighter than the rest of my hair, which would have looked awful. Fortunately, that never happened, because I watched the clock like a hawk while I was waiting for my hair to process. As it turned out, about 15 minutes was all I really needed. Now, I realize that hair looks a bit different when it's wet, so I was a bit nervous. The box said that your hair will look light yellow when it is ready. My hair looked to be light yellow, and I was a bit scared, because it was an ugly yellow, certainly not something you would want to see when it's dry. I reminded myself that all I wanted was to lighten up my low lights a little bit, and I was not looking for the full hair bleach experience. After about 15 minutes, I rinsed my hair and applied the conditioning shampoo that came in the box. After towel drying my hair, it looked a bit orange. I decided to wait and see how it looked when it was completely dry. To my surprise, it actually came out perfect. It lightened up my lowlights just enough so they blended better with my highlights. I'm sure that if I had a background in hair dying I probably could have done an even better job.

The moral of the story is, don't be afraid to experiment a little bit, as long as you use common sense. I can see how it might be very easy to overkill when using a hair bleaching kit. I also understand that there is a very fine line between turning your hair orange and turning your hair a nice, clean blonde color. I am so glad that I found a happy medium with the L'Oreal bleach blonde hair lightening kit. Now, it's probably time for me to find a new hairstylist.

L'Oreal Super Blonde

L'Oreal Super Blonde can help make your hair light blonde, beautifully.