The first LPGA major championship tournament, The Women’s Western Open, was held in 1930. Three more majors would follow; the Titleholders Championship, the U.S. Women’s Open Championship, and the LPGA championship; they began in the years 1937, 1946 and 1955.

The Women’s Western Open was replaced by The Kraft Nabisco Championship in 1983 and the Titleholders Championship became The du Maurier Classic in 1979, and then became The Women’s British Open Championship in 2001.

The lowest one day score recorded in an LPGA major championship is 19-under-par, by golfer Dottie Pepper at the 1999 Kraft Nabisco. The lowest aggregate score for 72-holes in a major tournament is 267, and three golfers currently hold the record. Betsy King was the first to achieve the lowest aggregate score at the 1992 LPGA, next was Karen Stupples, at the 2004 Women’s British Open, and then Cristie Kerr shot an aggregate 267 in 2010 at the LPGA Championship.

In 1988, golfer Amy Alcott celebrated her victory at the Kraft Nabisco (Dinah Shore) by jumping into the lake next to the 18th green, thus starting a tradition. The women who choose to take the plunge are referred to as the “Ladies of the Lake.” 

In the majors, the term “Grand Slam” is used to refer to a player who has won all of the major championships in the same calendar year.  A “Career Grand Slam” refers to a player who has won all four of the major championships at any time during a his career

No Woman has technically achieved a Grand Slam, however, golfer Babe Zaharias won all three majors held in 1950 and Sandra Haynie won both of the majors held in 1974. Six LPGA golfers have achieved a Career Grand Slam; Louise Suggs, Mickey Wright, Pat Bradley, Juli Inkster, Karrie Webb, and Annika Sörenstam. Golfer Karrie Webb has also been given the distinction of being the only golfer to achieve a “Super Careen Grand Slam” because she is the only golfer to have won the following five major championships: Women's Western Open; Kraft Nabisco Championship; LPGA Championship; U.S. Women's Open; Titleholders Championship

This list documents the LPGA major championship winners from 1973 through 2011. To see a list of the winners from 1930 through 1972, see “LPGA Major Championship Winners Part 1.”

LPGA Major Championship Winners (1973 – 2011)


Kraft Nabisco: Stacy Lewis   
LPGA: June 23 - 26
U.S. Women’s Open: July 07-10
Women’s British Open: July 28 - 31


Kraft Nabisco: Yani Tseng
LPGA: Cristie Kerr
U.S. Women’s Open: Paula Creamer
Women’s British Open:  Yani Tseng


Kraft Nabisco: Brittany Lincicome 
LPGA: Anna Nordqvist 
U.S. Women’s Open: Eun-Hee Ji 
Women’s British Open: Catriona Matthew


Kraft Nabisco: Lorena Ochoa 
LPGA: Yani Tseng 
U.S. Women’s Open: Inbee Park 
Women’s British Open: Ji-Yai Shin


Kraft Nabisco: Morgan Pressel 
LPGA: Suzann Pettersen 
U.S. Women’s Open: Cristie Kerr 
Women’s British Open: Lorena Ochoa


Kraft Nabisco: Karrie Webb   
LPGA: Se Ri Pak
U.S. Women’s Open: Annika Sörenstam 
Women’s British Open: Sherri Steinhauer


Kraft Nabisco:  Annika Sörenstam 
LPGA: Annika Sörenstam 
U.S. Women’s Open: Birdie Kim 
Women’s British Open: Jeong Jang


Kraft Nabisco: Grace Park 
LPGA: Annika Sörenstam 
U.S. Women’s Open: Meg Mallon
Women’s British Open:  Karen Stupples


Kraft Nabisco: Patricia Meunier-Lebouc 
LPGA: Annika Sörenstam 
U.S. Women’s Open: Hilary Lunke 
Women’s British Open: Annika Sörenstam


Kraft Nabisco:  Annika Sörenstam 
LPGA: Se Ri Pak 
U.S. Women’s Open: Juli Inkster 
Women’s British Open: Karrie Webb


Kraft Nabisco:  Annika Sörenstam 
LPGA: Karrie Webb 
U.S. Women’s Open: Karrie Webb 
Women’s British Open: Se Ri Pak


Kraft Nabisco:  Karrie Webb 
LPGA: Juli Inkster
U.S. Women’s Open:  Karrie Webb
du Maurier Classic: Meg Mallon


Kraft Nabisco:  Dottie Pepper 
LPGA: Juli Inkster 
U.S. Women’s Open: Juli Inkster 
du Maurier Classic: Karrie Webb


Kraft Nabisco:  Pat Hurst 
LPGA: Se Ri Pak 
U.S. Women’s Open: Se Ri Pak 
du Maurier Classic: Brandie Burton


Kraft Nabisco:  Betsy King  
LPGA: Christa Johnson 
U.S. Women’s Open: Alison Nicholas 
du Maurier Classic: Colleen Walker


Kraft Nabisco:  Patty Sheehan 
LPGA: Laura Davies 
U.S. Women’s Open: Annika Sörenstam 
du Maurier Classic: Laura Davies


Kraft Nabisco: Nanci Bowen 
LPGA: Kelly Robbins
U.S. Women’s Open:  Annika Sörenstam 
du Maurier Classic: Jenny Lidback


Kraft Nabisco: Donna Andrews
LPGA:  Laura Davies 
U.S. Women’s Open: Patty Sheehan 
du Maurier Classic: Martha Nause


Kraft Nabisco: Helen Alfredsson 
LPGA: Patty Sheehan 
U.S. Women’s Open: Lauri Merten 
du Maurier Classic: Brandie Burton


Kraft Nabisco: Dottie Mochrie 
LPGA: Betsy King 
U.S. Women’s Open: Patty Sheehan 
du Maurier Classic: Sherri Steinhauer


Kraft Nabisco: Amy Alcott
LPGA:  Meg Mallon 
U.S. Women’s Open: Meg Mallon 
du Maurier Classic: Nancy Scranton


Kraft Nabisco:  Betsy King 
LPGA: Beth Daniel 
U.S. Women’s Open: Betsy King 
du Maurier Classic: Cathy Johnston


Kraft Nabisco:  Juli Inkster
LPGA:  Nancy Lopez 
U.S. Women’s Open: Betsy King 
du Maurier Classic: Tammie Green


Kraft Nabisco:  Amy Alcott 
LPGA: Sherri Turner 
U.S. Women’s Open: Liselotte Neumann 
du Maurier Classic: Sally Little


Kraft Nabisco: Betsy King 
LPGA: Jane Geddes 
U.S. Women’s Open: Laura Davies
du Maurier Classic:  Jody Rosenthal


Kraft Nabisco: Pat Bradley 
LPGA: Pat Bradley 
U.S. Women’s Open: Jane Geddes 
du Maurier Classic: Pat Bradley


Kraft Nabisco:  Alice Miller 
LPGA: Nancy Lopez
U.S. Women’s Open:  Kathy Baker 
du Maurier Classic: Pat Bradley


Kraft Nabisco: Juli Inkster 
LPGA: Patty Sheehan
U.S. Women’s Open:  Hollis Stacy 
du Maurier Classic: Juli Inkster


Kraft Nabisco: Amy Alcott 
LPGA: Patty Sheehan 
U.S. Women’s Open: Jan Stephenson 
du Maurier Classic: Hollis Stacy


LPGA: Jan Stephenson
U.S. Women’s Open:  Janet Anderson 
du Maurier Classic: Sandra Haynie


LPGA: Donna Caponi 
U.S. Women’s Open: Pat Bradley 
du Maurier Classic: Jan Stephenson


LPGA: Sally Little
U.S. Women’s Open:  Amy Alcott 
du Maurier Classic: Pat Bradley


LPGA: Donna Caponi 
U.S. Women’s Open: Jerilyn Britz 
du Maurier Classic: Amy Alcott


LPGA: Nancy Lopez 
U. S. Women’s Open: Hollis Stacy


LPGA: Chako Higuchi 
U.S. Women’s Open: Hollis Stacy


LPGA: Betty Burfeindt 
U.S. Women’s Open: JoAnne Carner


LPGA: Kathy Whitworth 
U.S. Women’s Open: Sandra Palmer


LPGA: Sandra Haynie 
U.S. Women’s Open: Sandra Haynie


LPGA: Mary Mills 
U.S. Women’s Open: Susie Berning

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