Long lasting color
Gentle on sensitive scalps
Covers gray hair
Easy to use


Smells bad
Takes a long time to color
Hard to rinse out

Full Review

I purchased a brick of Lush Caca Marron Mama Hair Henna for my mama, appropriately enough, when she visited me in Las Vegas just before Halloween. She had confided to me that her gray hair was making her feel old and unattractive but she couldn't stand to dye her hair because the dye irritated her scalp and made the coloring process painful.

I drove her directly to the Lush store and popped a brick of Caca Marron henna in her hands. She started to say that she didn't want me to go through all of this trouble but we left the store with the henna. I chose Caca Marron because it claims to produce chestnut colored hair although I had heard that the results vary dramatically from one person to another so I hoped it would give my mom something new and exciting to make her feel good about herself.

After dinner, I showed her how to mix the henna with hot water or coffee and apply it. I can't stand the smell of Lush hennas but my mom is one of those weird people who actually enjoyed the smell, go figure. Once it was applied to her hair, I let her borrow the knit cap I use to sleep in my henna and she went back to the casino where she was staying with my dad. I told her to just shampoo her hair to remove the henna the next morning and condition as she normally would.

I met her for breakfast the next morning and she came outside to meet me. Her hair looked fabulous! The henna had turned her gray hair into a golden blonde and her brown hair was a rich chestnut color. All of her hair was incredibly shiny and she was so happy. She kept telling me to touch her hair and she could not get over how soft it was. If I didn't know better, I would have thought that she went to a salon to get highlights and a deep conditioning treatment done.

My mother is the kind of woman who used to yell at me if I spent over $1 on a bottle of shampoo and she now makes a one hour drive once a month to stock up on Lush products. She's told me that she gets so many compliments on her hair from friends and strangers. In fact, one of my aunts, a hair dresser, is currently mad at her because she believes my mom is going to another salon to get her hair colored.

In Closing

If Caca Marron Henna can turn my super frugal mom into a Lush addict, then it must be a great product. That's really all I can say about that.