Fabulous color
Long lasting
Barely fades at all
Won't damage your hair
Gentle on sensitive scalps
Covers gray and white hair


Smells bad
Takes a long time to color
Hard to rinse out
Makes hair feel greasy the first day or two after use

Full Review

I feel like I need to start off this review by letting you know what type of hair I have so you can determine if Lush Caca Rogue Henna is right for you.

I started going white when I was 12 years old. It runs in my family and because some of the kids at school were teasing me about having white hair, my mother allowed me to dye my hair as long as it was a natural color. Now, you might be asking why was my hair going white instead of gray. It's pretty common for natural redheads to develop white hair while other people develop gray hair.

So, I started coloring my hair at 12 and kept coloring it until I was 27. I've used every hair color on the market and I've paid thousands to get my hair dyed at salons. White hair can be difficult to color and some dyes won't work at all which is so frustrating. In addition to that, red hair is incredibly difficult to maintain. It fades very quickly and many times I would end up looking like a strawberry blonde just a few weeks after coloring my hair because the dye would fade from shampooing and being out in the sun.

When I hit 27, I developed a sensitivity to hair dye. My scalp had simply had enough. I had my hair colored in a salon and I developed painful, oozy spots. I thought the salon had done something wrong so I went to a different salon and had the same issue. I tried doing my hair at home and that was even worse. I struggled with a hyper sensitive scalp for about six months before I decided that I could not dye my hair anymore.

I missed my red hair and I looked into henna but most hennas cannot be used over chemically dyed hair so I thought I was out of luck unless I spent years growing out my hair. Then I heard about Lush hennas.

Lush hennas are safe to use on previously dyed hair and they are all natural so I figured that even if they didn't dye my hair the color I wanted, at least they wouldn't damage my scalp. So I gave it a shot.

I will never use anything else on my hair again for as long as I live. I swear, this product has changed my life. I grate the henna up with a cheese grater, mix it with hot coffee until it is a paste and then smear it on my hair. I cover my head with a knit cap and then rinse everything out the next morning. My color is great, it barely fades at all, and I can reapply it as often as I want without damaging my hair.

Also, one bar of Lush henna will dye my mid-back length hair THREE times. Yes, you read that right, three times so it costs about $7 per coloring. That's like the cheapest, crappiest hair dye you can find in most drug stores only this stuff is excellent quality and will not damage your hair.

My hair has also started growing faster since I began using the henna. I'm pretty sure that this is happening because I'm not traumatizing my scalp once a month with harsh chemicals. My hair feels wonderful and I have the same vibrant, natural red color that I had as a little girl.

Now for the downside to Lush henna. First of all, it stinks. I've heard people claim that it's not that bad but it reminds me of horse manure. I grew up around horses and I remember hearing people say that they liked the smell of horse manure because it was a natural, earthy smell. Well, if you are one of those people that love the smell of horse poop then you will go nuts over Lush henna. I use coffee instead of hot water because it helps the smell a bit and I also like to add a spoonful of cinnamon for the same reason.

The second drawback is that you have to leave it on for a really long time. I think the directions say two hours but you really need more like eight hours if you want it to work. I put it on at night and then sleep with it on so I don't feel like I'm wearing it endlessly.

The third issue is that it takes two days to really rinse it all out. When you rinse the henna, lather up your hair with shampoo really well. I promise you that shampooing will not fade the color but it will help you get all of the henna out. The next day, your hair will probably feel much greasier than normal, this is because of the cocoa butter in the henna. Wash your hair a second time and it should feel a lot better after that.

In Closing

I love Lush Caca Rogue henna and plan on using it for the rest of my life. My hair is healthier and shinier than it has been since I first started using chemical dyes more than 15 years ago. I swear by this product and recommend it to anyone who is fed up with hair damage and scalp irritation caused by chemical hair color.