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Spicy cinnamon scent
scent lasts a long time
turns bathwater bright yellow
pop rocks are cool


turns bathwater bright yellow

Full Review

Lush Cinders bath bomb promises to replicate the scent and experience of a crackling fire in your bathtub. OK, I admit that sounds kind of weird but I had to give it a try. This bath bomb was a seasonal Christmas bomb and it's about half the size of a regular bomb. It's also bright yellow with what appear to be red sugar crystals clustered at one end of the bomb and scattered throughout the bomb.

When I popped it into the bathtub I realized that the sugar crystals were pop rocks which I thought was really cool. I know that makes me sound like a goof but I did really enjoy the popping and it took me back to my youth when we actually though that a combination of pop rocks and Coke was fatal.

You can definitely smell the cinnamon in the bomb and other spices that I can't easily identify. It made me think of a heavily spiced cider. The bomb also turned the bathwater bright yellow which I don't mind although it might turn some people off. It didn't look like urine, if that's what you're wondering, it was a little brighter than urine should be although I suppose if you didn't drink much water maybe...

Anyways, it was a nice little mini bath bomb and I did enjoy the experience. I do wish that it was bigger though as I like to break the bombs up for two baths but I shouldn't complain because Cinders did cost much less than an average size bath bomb.

The smell also lingered a little longer than most bath bombs and I could still detect the scent on my skin when I woke up the next morning.

In Closing

I will probably buy Cinders again if Lush decides to make it for the Christmas 2010 season. I enjoyed the bath bomb and it was a nice way to relax after some hectic Christmas shopping. Also, I really thought the pop rocks were cool but I realize that I'm dating myself with that statement.