Smells great
Turns the water bright yellow
Makes tons of bubbles


Scent fades quickly
Leaves gold star glitter all over your tub

Full Review

The Gold Star Bubble Bar is a seasonal product produced by Lush. This item has been around for at least the Christmas 2008 and 2009 season so there's a good chance it will come back for Christmas 2010.

The bubble bar has a cute look which makes it great for gift giving. It consists of a round yellow bar with a big gold star on top. The scent is a little difficult to nail down. It's sort of a spicy yet citrusy fragrance. I detect a little bit of sandalwood in there too.

Now, if you've never used a Lush bubble bar before, the basic method is to crumble the bar under warm running water in your bathtub. I like to break each of my bubble bars in half so that I can get two baths out of them in order to save a little money as Lush addictions can get pretty expensive.

So, the first bath I took with the Gold Star Bubble Bar consisted of the gold star portion of the product and a mango bath melt. I really didn't experience the Gold Star that time as it was overpowered by mango fragrance but the star alone managed to produce quite a few bubbles.

The second time, I used just the yellow disc without any other bath products and I really enjoyed the fragrance. I had a tub full of mounds of bubbles and the water turned a bright yellow. Now, some people might be turned off by neon yellow water but I enjoy it when my Lush products turn the water crazy colors.

My husband walked in while I was bathing and remarked that the bathroom smelled "really good", so I wasn't the only person who enjoyed the scent. I do wish the scent had lingered a little longer on my skin but it was gone after an hour or so.

When I got out of the tub, I discovered another suprise. The yellow portion of the bubble bar contains tiny gold stars. I had some stuck to my body and the rest were scattered across the bottom of my tub. Some people might love this, I was a little bit irritated. I didn't notice the stars at all while I was in the bath and then I had to clean them up afterwards. Next time I use a gold star, I will pop the bubble bar into a piece of pantyhose and tie it shut. That way, any gold stars will stay trapped in the pantyhose to make clean up easier.

In Closing

I have a whole box of these bubble bars that I bought at the annual Lush after Christmas clearance sale. I do enjoy them but I don't think that I'll ever pay full price for them just because if I have to pay full price, I'd rather get one of the bars with a scent that I'm absolutely crazy about.