Moisturizes extremely well
Works into a lather with minimum effort
Smells like dark chocolate


Gets mushy quickly when wet.

Full Review

LUSH Heavenly Bodies Buttercream is a moisturizing chocolate cocoa butter soap. I originally expected this soap to smell something like a Terry's Chocolate Orange due to the cocoa and orange blossom infusion but the scent is much closer to a very dark, bitter chocolate.

Heavenly Bodies lathered up well when I used it and I have to admit that it is extremely moisturizing. I'm in love with LUSH's Lemslip Buttercream but this chocolate version does work better on extremely dry skin. I washed my face with the bar and afterwards I was extremely soft and smooth without any need for additional lotion.

My son purchased this chocolately soap for me as a Christmas gift because he thought the idea of chocolate soap was "neat" and because the soap is sold in slices with a garnish of chocolate curls to resemble a piece of cake. I hesitated to use the product because chocolate beauty products really don't appeal to me.

I wish I wouldn't have waited so long though. This soap is really phenomenol. Once I got past the slightly bitter scent I was hooked. I suffer from extremely dry skin and this buttercream is gentle on my irritated skin, moisturizes beautifully and rinses away easily.

One other thing I liked about the product is that it creates a brown lather. That might not sound good but when the soap is on your skin, it resembles a thin coat of chocolate milk. This means that you cannot accidentally leave any soap residue behind because you will see it. Failing to rinse soap away completely can dry out your skin and that's virtually impossible with this product due to it's color.

My husband enjoyed the scent much more than I did. He took a whiff and said "Wow, that definitely smells like chocolate!" I think perhaps that I am spoiled by LUSH products that smell so much like candy I want to take a bite out of them. Don't let my review scare you off about the fragrance, just expect a bitter dark chocolate scent rather than a sweet milk chocolate scent.

Another note, make sure that you don't leave this soap sitting in your shower where it could get wet. This LUSH buttercream is quite soft. I was able to break a small piece of it off easily with my hands and it will dissolve quickly or become mushy if you leave it in a wet place.

In Closing

I love the results I get with this buttercream but I still prefer the scent of the LUSH Lemslip buttercream. I will continue to buy Heavenly Bodies and alternate using it with the Lemslip.