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probably good for frizzy hair


hard to use
bar dries out quickly
doesn't last long
falls apart easily

Full Review

LUSH Jungle Conditioner is a solid conditioner bar for your hair. Now, while I'm completely sold on LUSH's solid shampoos, I'm not really impressed with the idea of a solid conditioner.

My experience with the Jungle Conditioner goes like this: I rub the bar on my wet hair... wonder if any product actually transferred to my hair... rub the bar on my hair again... stare at the bar quizzically... then just shrug and rinse my hair.

Sometimes, my hair felt like I hadn't used conditioner at all, sometimes it felt greasy as if I had used too much conditioner and, a few times, my hair felt really nice and soft after conditioning.

Basically, I couldn't figure out how much of it I was using. I used the whole bar before writing this review and it lasted about a month. After the second use, the bar started to dry out really badly and it fell apart within the first two weeks.

My hair felt greasy more often than anything but when I would try to apply less of the Jungle Conditioner, then my hair would be dry and full of tangles. By the end of the month I was applying the conditioner only to the ends of my hair because I was sick and tired of feeling like a grease ball.

I do admit though, that I have fine hair so perhaps this conditioner was just too heavy for me. I think if you have really dry, thick or frizzy hair this conditioner would work great.

As for the smell, I wouldn't say that it smelled like a jungle. It kind of made me think of a mild kiwi scent with maybe a hint of lime. I couldn't really nail down the scent but it wasn't bad. It wasn't really great either but I really didn't notice much of a smell on my hair when it was dry.

In Closing

I will not be buying the LUSH Jungle Conditioner again. It's just too much of a pain and I wasn't happy with the way it made my hair look and feel.