Delicious citrus smell
Less drying than soap


Does not lather well
You may want to eat it

Full Review

I'm going to start off this review by admitting that I had very high hopes for the LUSH buttercreams. Unreasonably high to be honest. I suffer from extremely dry skin and I so wanted to believe that these moisturizing soaps would solve all of my problems and allow me to throw away my moisturizer.

Ok, so that didn't happen. But they are lovely soaps. I received a package of Lemslip for Christmas and it smells absolutely wonderful. A very strong but tasty lemon smell, think Lemonheads candy not Lemon Pine Sol. I wanted to eat it. It really smelled like some sort of candy or cake.

Lemslip is more moisturizing than regular soap. I use it in the shower on my face and neck to remove makeup and my skin has been less dry since I started doing this. I still use a face wash at night and moisturizer but instead of soaping up my entire body and face with shower gel or soap after the gym, I suds up everywhere else and save the Lemslip for my face and neck.

I have experienced less redness and skin irritation overall since I started doing this. LUSH Lemslip is gentle and much less drying than many of LUSH's soaps. The scent is really what seals the deal for me though. I honestly cannot get over how insanely fresh and delicious this buttercream smells. It wakes me up on tired mornings and just makes me feel better in general. I love when I catch a whiff of it on my skin during the day.

I even keep a small piece of Lemslip next to my bathroom sink for hand washing. I high recommend giving Lemslip a try or at least heading down to your local LUSH store and giving it a whiff. If you aren't lucky enough to live near a LUSH store, order a piece. If you don't like it, you can always send it my way...

In Closing

This is probably my absolute favorite soap from LUSH. If they ever decide to discontinue Lemslip, I will have to stock up on enough to hold me over while I write angry letters to the company.