Keeps shampoo dry.


Shampoo gets stuck inside the tin.

Full Review

LUSH has this nice little deal where if you purchase two of their solid shampoos, you receive a free shampoo tin. These tins are small and silver and just the right size to hold one solid shampoo. I was pretty happy when I received one along with my order because I thought it would be perfect for holding my shampoos in the shower and keeping them dry. Well, I was wrong about that but they are still useful.

First of all, if you put a wet shampoo bar into the tin, it will get stuck there. You might be thinking "Well, duh just don't put it in there when it's wet." That's easier said than done. When you use a solid shampoo, you rub it directly on your wet hair so it will get wet. Then what do you do with it? If you place it somewhere outside of your shower and let it dry for a few hours before placing it in the shampoo tin well... the shampoo tin really doesn't seem convenient at all anymore. If I'm going to have to set the shampoo in another container until it dries, I may as well just leave it in that container until I am ready to use it again.

I was able to use the shampoo for a couple weeks while it was stuck in the tin though. I just picked up the whole tin and rubbed the open part of the tin on my head. Once the shampoo wore down, I had to pry it out with a knife and keep it in a different container next to my shower.

The tins are great when you are traveling. You can pop a dry shampoo into the tin and go. If it gets stuck during your trip, so what, just rub the open tin on your head to shampoo your hair and cover it with the lid when you're done. You can worry about prying the shampoo out of the tin when you get home and are unpacking all of your toiletries.

In Closing

I would never purchase one of the shampoo tins although it is nice to receive them for free every time I buy two solid shampoos from LUSH. I keep them in my travel bag and they can also be used to hold small pieces of lush soap or massage bars.