Cleans well
Leaves skin soft
Pleasant smell AFTER showering


Overpowering scent in the shower
May dry skin

Full Review

Snow Fairy shower gel is only available from LUSH during the Christmas season. I received a free bottle of the gel due to the fact that I did most of my holiday shopping at LUSH. I initially thought that Snow Fairy was the same scent as Angel's Delight soap but boy, was I ever wrong!

Snow Fairy is a very strong scent. It definitely smells like some kind of sugary, sickeningly sweet candy. The first time I used it in the shower, I felt a little ill because the smell was so strong. My husband had walked into the bathroom and asked me what I was using. He was the one who was able to pinpoint what exactly it smells like.

Circus Peanuts.

You know, those colorful, slightly spongy, peanut shaped candies. That is what Snow Fairy smells like. Circus Peanuts... I don't personally care to smell like circus peanuts but perhaps some people do. Fortunately, the smell is not as overpowering after your shower. My skin retained a slightly sweet scent which was very mild and pleasant.

No one in my house wants to use the Snow Fairy shower gel. I usually love everything LUSH but this was a huge miss for me. I know that some people LOVE Snow Fairy and eagerly wait for it to come out. Alas, I am not one of those people.

In the shower gel's defense, it did clean my skin well. I used it after a sweaty workout day at the gym and my body funk was gone. My skin was no drier than normal after the shower and I did feel softer than I do when I just use soap. It's still not worth it to me though, I can't handle the scent while I'm in the shower.

I have found a couple of uses for this product though. I use a drop of it in the sink to wash my bras. They come out smelling very nice. I also use Snow Fairy shower gel to bathe my dog. She gets to be the most spoiled dog in the world by showering with LUSH products and I get to use up a free product and enjoy the company of a candy scented beagle. Everybody wins.

In Closing

I will not be buying LUSH's Snow Fairy shower gel ever again. If I receive a free bottle of the gel next year, I will send it to my mother. Circus peanuts are my dad's favorite candy so...