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Cleans thoroughly
Pleasant smell
Good for men or women
Lasts a long time


Sheds tiny little pieces of herbs
May dry hair

Full Review

Squeaky Green is the cheapest of the solid shampoos created by LUSH. This shampoo bar is slightly smaller than a hockey puck and has a bright green color with little bits of herbs sticking out of it. The herbs consist of rosemary and nettle but look like tiny little twigs.

This shampoo has a very mild, gender neutral scent. It contains peppermint oil but I wouldn't describe the scent as "minty". It's more of an earthy smell that makes you think of being outdoors in a grassy field on a warm summer day. My son and my husband have both used this shampoo with no complaints about it being girly or flowery.

Squeaky Green will clean your hair. It quickly foams up into a rich lather with just a few strokes on your wet hair like more expensive LUSH shampoos. It may clean your hair too well, however, as I feel like I need to use more conditioner when I shampoo with Squeaky Green as my hair feels slightly stripped and dry.

The bar is definitely economical though. I purchased one bar of LUSH Squeaky Green and it has lasted for over two months. I still have approximately 1/4 of the bar left. I wash my hair every single day and occasionally my husband will use my shampoo. My son has used this bar of solid shampoo twice, so it really does last a long time. At only 7.95, LUSH Squeaky Green is comparable to cheap drugstore shampoos, only with high quality natural ingredients and dedication to protecting animals and the environment.

One downside is that you may occasionally find a piece of rosemary or nettle in your hair. I had a friend pluck a tiny piece out of my hair once and ask me, "How did you get a twig in your hair?" with a quizzical, confused expression.

In Closing

I love the LUSH Squeaky Green as a basic shampoo. The low price and effectiveness of this product ensures that I will continue to buy it in the future.