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Pleasant menthol scent
The adzuki beans do help massage tired muscles.


Adzuki beans fall out of the bar and make a mess.
Muscle pain relief does not last long.
Peppermint oil can cause eye irritation.

Full Review

The LUSH Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar promises to ease the pain of sore muscles with peppermint oil and adzuki beans. I am a dedicated gym rat and decided to try this massage bar to see if it would relieve the muscle aches and pains I experience the day after a workout.

The bar arrived in my mailbox on a day when my thighs were extremely sore from heavy squats. I stripped down and rubbed the bar on the sore area and did feel some initial relief. The Wiccy massage bar had a pleasant menthol scent and the adzuki beans felt nice on my sore muscles. The massage bar melted slightly as I applied it and moisturized my skin.

A few minutes after applying the bar, however, the soreness was just as bad as before. I also made the mistake of touching my face before thoroughly washing my hands and my eyes started to burn. I am sensitive to peppermint oil though so your mileage may vary.

Over time, the adzuki beans started to fall out of the bar during each use, which can't be helped. The problem was that some of the beans seemed to have rough edges and I did scratch my leg while using the bar on two separate occasions.

The scent of this massage bar is not offensive but it does remind 0ne of an Icy Hot or Bengay type product. That may or may not be the type of scent you want people to associate with you.

Applying this bar by myself seemed like a waste of time but when my husband gave me a good rubdown with the LUSH Wiccy bar, I did feel like I had better results. Was that my husband's massage skills or the bar? The world may never know.

In Closing

My final conclusion is that while I would never buy one of the Wiccy Magic Muscles massage bars from LUSH again, I would accept one as a gift graciously. It's a change of pace from my typical Peach massage bar and the menthol scent is soothing when you are sore and tired.