LaLa is the newest place online to get free and legal music downloads. LaLa lets you select any 25 songs front their selection for free. In addition you can stream most songs for free for listening while you surf the web and you can also buy songs and albums on LaLa for cheap.

When LaLa says you get 25 frees songs they mean just that. There is no catch, no up sell, and no credit card needed. When you refer someone to LaLa using your referral link you also get 5 additional free songs for free.

LaLa has a very wide and diverse musical catalog to choose from. Although they have most music there are some exceptions. Many of the Red Hot Chili Peppers music is missing from their catalog. They do have some "Cover Bands" that try and duplicate the original song but so far all of these cover bands have sucked so far.

Some songs the bands do not allow you to stream their music. You must first add the song title to your account but you do get 25 songs for free.

LaLa is an excellent platform for music. It is easy and free for people to use, the musicians make money and get more exposure, and the site is legal and condoned by musicians.

They have a huge catalog of music available. From Eminem to Jim Croce. If you like music you will like LaLa.

Another cool aspect of LaLa is you can upload your own music. If you made your own song and want to share it with the world you can. As with the rest of the songs users can rate songs on a 1-5 star rating system so you can see what other people honestly feel about your music.

I use LaLa on a daily basis. I currently only have used 19 of my free songs but I like to click on a wide variety of songs to add to my Queue. I can then listen to hours and hours of music all for free.

LaLa also offers many albums for sale. They even have a special section where all of the web albums are priced for 75 cents or less.

If you like Gram Parsons, the singer that was the basis of the movie "Grand Theft Parsons", then you need to look at LaLa. LaLa offers many of his songs but they also have interviews that Gram Parsons did before his death. It's fascinating to listen to what Gram Parsons had to say in his own words.

LaLa offers 25 free songs and unlimited streaming in an easy to use interface. LaLa is not only legal but supported by musicians and album labels.Sign up for LaLa here for free.