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La Quebrada Cliffs are one of the well known and most visited tourist locations for those who travel to Mexico.  The divers fascinate and entertain the tourists by leaping off 125 foot high cliffs after carefully calculating when the correct moment is to jump so that they won’t be dashed to death on the rocks below!

Divers have been active for many years

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La Quebrada Cliffs have had divers jumping off of them for many years, but the famous La Quebrada Cliffs Divers didn’t come about until 1934. It is definitely one of the places in Mexico that you must not miss on your next Mexican vacation. You will also find great places to eat there, as well as a path where many of the people who take a trip to Mexico come to watch the pelicans diving in the water to catch fish.

La Quebrada Cliffs Divers Famous for Death Defying Leaps

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La Quebrada Cliffs will sometimes wow the tourists with and unexpected full swan dive or a dangerous somersault to get the attention of the crowd. They also will add things like torches to their dives to make them extra special, especially if it is dark outside. La Quebrada Cliffs divers must train to be able to take on their dangerous plunges from very early in life.

La Quebrada Cliffs divers work in shifts every day from 1 p.m. to past 10 p.m. The after dark shows are even more spectacular to watch. So, it’s best to get a reservation in Mexico hotels in the area and stay overnight so you can see even more sights in the Acapulco area the next morning.

Acapulco Beach Brings Fun in The Area

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Acapulco is also famous for their beaches that are another place you can go on an all inclusive Mexico vacation if desired. After you watch the La Quebrada Cliffs divers you can take the kids for something fun to do with kids and go swimming, surfing, snorkeling or more at one of the beautiful beaches in the area. Three of these beaches are Caleta, Condesa and Caletilla beaches.

Stay the Night in Perfect Luxury

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There are also plenty of Mexico hotels in the area, and some of these are new luxury high rise still hotels so you will be sure to enjoy your stay. There are also plenty of restaurants known for their delicious seafood. The La Quebrada Cliffs are not far away, so you can do all of these things during your all inclusive Mexico vacation for all of your Mexico trips.

Hotels in Mexico are happy to see tourists and can provide everything you will need on your trip to see the La Quebrada Cliffs divers and other attractions. You might also consider deep sea fishing, as the area is famous for sail fishing. It also has a great night life if you are a party kind of person.

The bottom line is that if you take a Mexican vacation, be sure not to miss the La Quebrada Cliffs and their amazing and death defying divers.