Labor Day Holiday

Labor Day Party
Have one!   Labor Day, the first Monday every September,  unofficially ushers summer out and signals the start of  fall.    Sure, the summer weather still lives in many parts of the country on the date.  A fun-filled, relaxing celebration remains a possibility.  Labor Day festivals abound in cities throughout the United States.  Should one of those not be close enough to attend, planning  a creative and fun Labor Day party is easy and fun. Invite friends and family by.   A bit oLabor Dayf Labor Day history sets the stage for a perfect event.

History of Labor Day
The United States first celebrated Labor Day in Boston on September 5, 1882. The first U.S. leading trade union, Central Labor Union, celebrated the event.  The national holiday began in 1894.  The holiday became a federal one after the Pullman Strike.  In that strike, union members clashed with U.S. military and U.S. Marshals, resulting in the deaths of a number of union workers.  Then U.S. President Grover Cleveland needed reconciliation with the union members.  Part of that plan was to make Labor Day a national holiday.  Congress quickly signed the bill into law after the strike.    The holiday evolved into the one known today which celebrates all workers in the United States work force.

The Theme
The patriotic theme is the most used for the holiday.  That works!  Few people tire at the thought of a red, white, and blue color scheme. Labor Day clip art that is available to the user is easy to find with a search online. Use the designs and pictures on an invitation or as decorations.   Another thoughts is to continue with the bright colors of summer as a final hooray to that season.

A few other themes to consider  for Labor Day Party:

1.    Beach party:  This works for the purpose of celebrating the end of summer.

2.    Back to School Bash:  Although school sometimes starts earlier than Labor Day, the holiday welcomes a new school year for many.

3.    Football:  The faithful holiday ushers in the football season.

The Food
Allow the food to tag along with the theme.  As this will be one of the last opportunities to grill outdoors for many as fall and winter come, going with a basic barbecue feast works.  Anything that  can be thrown on the grill qualifies!  Items specific to summer disappear soon, so use those.  Corn, watermelon, and a lot of multicolored berries celebrate the day well.  For dessert, a make-your-own sundae bar adds to the delight.

Labor Day Activities
Certainly part of the purpose of a get-together is for friends and family to visit.  That camaraderie is crucial.  That is not to mention, however, that a little fun-filled game application will not help get the party moving. 

Here, are a few possibilities:

  1. Spin off from a Halloween bash.  Ask party attendees to come in costume, dressed as a ‘worker’ of his or her choice.  Have fun just guessing the pretend occupations. After all, with this activity, everyone will be ready for their seasonal Halloween parties!
  2. Play charades. Attendees need not wear costumes  here.  Go for the ‘mime’ thought process.   With no need of words or sounds, everyone is to act out a worker for others to name.
  3. Run off a document that tells the story of things made in America.  A basic search on-line can produce such an article easily.  Make up a quick list of ten or so questions based on the article, some that participants might guess correctly and others they night not.  Ask the questions with participants keeping score of how many they get correct.  Give small prizes.  Anything works on that front of course depending on the age and make-up of participants.  Some possibilities include; wine, red, white, or blue candy, or theme appropriate stationary.
  4. Play ‘guess a tune.’  Make a playlist on iTunes of songs with jobs as the subject.  The music section below outlines a suggestion on that front.  Record just a little blurb of each song from a section that does not have the title to the song in the clip.  Play all ten clips as party attendees keep track of how many they correctly identify.  Again, a small prize for the winner adds to the fun. As many of these tunes are 'oldies,' this acitivity will be an adult one for sure!

The Music

Music always gives life to a party and adds to the festive ambiance.  Labor Day is a perfect holiday for  which to add music.  Certainly possibilities for music include patriotic and tunes about jobs.   With iPods ubiquitous and iTunes so easy to use, the best idea is to create a Labor Day playlist.

Suggestions for the Labor Day Party playlist:

  1. Take This Job and Shove It by Johnny Paycheck
  2. Chain Gang by Sam Cook
  3. Five O’Clock World by The Vogues
  4. Sixteen Tons by Tennessee Ernie Ford
  5. Get a Job by The Silhouettes
  6. Work to Do by The Isley Borthers
  7. Working in a Coal Mine by Lee Dorsey
  8. A Hard Day’s Night by the Beetles
  9. Taking Care of Business by Bachman-Turner Overdrive
  10. Car Wash by Rose Royce

Few holidays serve as clear a ‘marker’ of things starting and stopping than does Labor Day. School starting, football season, end of summer, beginning of fall, all tie to the celebration.   Enjoy that Labor Day Holiday! 

PS:  Remember one more ‘marker’ for the date. Some 'fashionistas'  say to not where white shoes after that all famous first Monday in September.