Employees are not machines that do not reason out or complain. They have their own minds for decision-making tasks and the will to follow orders or not. Unfortunately, most employers do not see their workers as people but as mechanical equipment that will take care of their businesses' operations. In this kind of situation, employees may form themselves an alliance or group to address such issues. This is called a labor union.

Through the years, labor unions have been perceived in a negative way because of how they conduct strikes and rallies. However, more people should come to realize that labor unions are in fact helpful for both the employers and their employees. Here are some of the issues where labor unions can take action:

  • Unfair payment of wages – Minimum wages, overtime pay, and salary comparison between genders and ages
  • Any form of harassment or discriminatory practices against employees – Supervisor and sexual harassment, racial, age, gender, religious or disability discrimination
  • Illegal activities at work – Illegal drugs, illegal trading, criminal acts, etc.

These are just some of the things that a labor union in the workplace can handle. However, labor unions can also become a threat to peace and equality inside the company. To prevent this kind of situation from happening, the National Labor Relations Act of 1935 (NLRA) was enacted. The NLRA regulates the power that labor unions have to ensure a good relationship between unions and employers. These are some of the things that workplace unions are prohibited to do under the NLRA:

  • Unfair demands on membership fees and requirements for employees
  • Initiating actions that stop or force members to work for the union's benefit
  • Discrimination against non-member employees
  • Giving threats to employees who are exercising their NLRA rights

If you are an employer and you want to prevent disputes in the workplace caused by labor unions, you should take the initiative right away. Consult an Los Angeles employment attorney for you to find out more about the power and responsibilities of labor unions. Once you know these things, you would eventually learn how to deal with them fairly.

Being a part of a union makes employees feel empowered and protected. However, unions still have to abide by the NLRA standards. If they fail to follow such conditions, the employer will have all the right to get a Los Angeles Labor Attorney and sue them for damages.