A labret piercing is one that is between the lower lip and the chin, although some consider a lip piercing to be a labret piercing as well. To choose a piercing in those areas of the face is a desire to make a radical change to one's look or to accentuate that particular area of the face. Some like the piercing because it makes them more conscience of their speech, which is important for singers and anyone who does a lot of public speaking. Others choose a labret piercing simply because they like the way it looks and feels. Then there are those that choose a labret piercing to mark a special milestone in their life or simply to make a fashion statement. Whatever the reason for choosing a labret piercing, it certainly calls attention to that part of the face.

The actual piercing process can be very painful but only for an instant. Most piercers will not numb the area. If a moment of pain is not for you, perhaps you should rethink the labret piercing. Such piercing should be performed by an experienced piercer. It is not something that should be self inflicted. The piercer will measure the lip thickness and recommend the appropriate length of stud, which will accommodate some swelling. After the piercing is healed, the stud can be replaced with a shorter one. The piercer will pull your lip from your face with a clamp and line up the needle. The piercer will push the piercing needle through the skin and slide the jewelry in place. After the piercing is done, there will be some swelling. It will be necessary to keep the piercing clean to avoid infection. The piercing will take about a year to season. It is wise to avoid changing the jewelry during that time.

Labret piercings vary from shop to shop as well as the geographic location but an average price is between $30 to $100 and the cost of the jewelry. The actual price will depend on the labret variation and the number of piercings required. Before getting a piercing, check out a few shops. Not only check price but the cleanliness of the shop. If piercings are done in a shop that will not pass the white-glove test, move on to the next shop. The last thing you want is an infection from an unknown something or other that you have no idea what it is.