Lace Front WigWhat are lace front wigs? This type of hair replacement has really taken by storm. Many celebrities are starting to use lace front wigs in place of hair extensions, while normal people are using them to regain their confidence as an non-surgical means of hair replacement. This new technology is designed to resemble your own personal hair. These are made from real hair that are tied in by hand onto an invisible like lace base. Because they are made from real human hair and the cap is not detectible, it really does look like your own hair.

So what makes this product different than a normal wig or extensions? Normal wigs can provide a suitable substitute for real hair on occasion. However, they are not very sturdy and can fall off at any moment with little to no warning. These can also be very hot, as many of them made of thick, heavy skin like caps. However, anyone with thinning to no hair doesn't want to be limited to the activities and events available. The lace front wigs provide the freedom of being able to shower and swim without having to remove it. You can even get a perm if you wish! Extensions can be painful and they only offer limited coverage, and many times they are detectable.

The wig is attached to the scalp by using an adhesive. These adhesives can include different types of glues to tape adhesives. Depending on what your needs are would depend on what you need to use. For someone who only wants to wear the wig for a few days, the tape adhesive works the best, 1-3 days. The glues are medical adhesives that hold the front lace wig on. Depending on the strength of the glue, the hold can last from a few days to 6 weeks. For swimming and very active people, it is recommended to us a scalp protector cap. It is also recommended that people not swim or be sweating for the 24 hour period after using an adhesive to attach the full front lace wig.

There are different types of human hair and lace for these lace front wigs. To get the best possible human hair, try to find one that is Remy Indian Hair. This is virgin hair that has not every been treated or chemically altered. It is very high quality hair. It can be expensive, but with these, you get what you pay for. This hair can be cut, styled, permed, washed, colored, etc.. This will be just like real hair, well, because it is real hair.

There are a few different laces to pick from when it comes to selecting a front lace wig. Of course, the one you get should suit your own personal needs.

  • The French lace is one of the more durable laces, that is thin as well. It does need to sit as close to the scalp as possible. Because this type of lace, lays against the scalp, it hides it quite well.
  • The Swiss lace is the most undetectable. However, it is also the most destructible because it is so fragile and frail. This should only be worn by the advanced wearer. Someone who has tried the others with great success. These lace front wigs are way too expensive to destroy.
  • For the French lace and Swiss lace caps, it is necessary for people who do have existing hair, to either wear a cap or weave underneath the wig. If wearing a cap, be sure to get a breathable one.
  • For someone who needs a lace front wig that sits off the scalp some, there is the stretch lace cap available. This can be helpful to people who wear their real hair outside of the wig.
  • There is also a more artificial approach to these lace front wigs with the monofilament caps. This is a sheer material that allows for the tone of the scalp to show through.

Front lace wigs are not just for women, they are made for men as well. They are great for people with thinning hair due to hereditary factors and medical problems. Many chemo patients are finding comfort in these types of wigs that are used as an effective method of hair replacement. Especially with all the freedoms this allows, for a non surgical product.

Some companies that make these will custom make these to fit your personal specifications. If you want the hair of specific movie star, you can simply submit a photograph to get this style. Want to look like your old self? Submit a photograph of yourself. There is usually about a 6 week wait for the custom made front lace wigs.

Before buying one of these, be sure to shop around. Cheap doesn't mean better, but it doesn't mean it's not better either. Be smart with this purchase and try to find a shop that sells these in-store. For this investment it would be best to try it out and see how it feels. These can run anywhere from 300.00 up to the several thousands. It all depends on style, length and cap. If it has baby hair to reduce visibility to whether or not it is double knotted. Of course with anything, the custom ones are more expensive. If you do happen to order one of these from a website, look for reviews and ask about warranties, return policies and satisfaction guarantees. Avoid buying this expensive of a product from a unreliable source that could sell inferior product or be a scam.

I know that I talk about this product with great excitement. However, it is only because I am happy there is something like this for people like me. My hair is thin due to medication I have taken in the past, along with hereditary hair loss. I don't think anyone truly understands how thinning hair feels, until it has happened to them. A wig doesn't work well for me, because I want something that is more permanent, and you can not swim with a regular wig on. Hair loss can lower your self confidence and esteem. When I look in the mirror I don't see the good qualities, because it seems like my thin hair overrides anything good there is to see. With a lace front wig, I can go out and be confident without something that is permanently altering my appearance.