There is generally one stumbling block that keeps us from making big change in our lives. Whether it's doing things like trying to improve our health,  taking on large projects or starting a new business, many of us will come to some point in the journey where we find ourselves super unmotivated. It's the time where we really hit the proverbial "wall". The "wall" is that obstacle that pretty much declares "If you really want this change, you're going to have to seriously roll up your sleeves and prove that you want it".

The thing is, this obstacle often makes itself known when we're tired. We hit it when we've given more than we already think we can give. It often shows up when the magic and excitement of change have waned to the reality that serious transition often takes time and dedication.

The idea of motivation is really important to consider, especially if the change that you want to make is very "do it yourself". For example, as the economy clinches down and more companies are downsizing, a lot of us are looking to self employment and ways that we can turn our passions into business. And while this is so exciting and there really has never been a more unique time to become an entrepreneur, it can also be an incredibly lonely road. Most of us are used to having some kind of reinforcement around us - whether it's a boss, colleagues or friends and family to either collaborate on a mission or to act as cheerleaders. But when you're working on something that is just for you, such as your own business or a complete makeover, the success of this mission really lives or dies by what you bring to the table.

So if you're feeling burnt out and have zero energy to go after something that's really important to you, I want to share three things that are going to change your mind about motivation and that will have you grabbing a rope and hoisting yourself over any obstacle of a wall so before you know it, you'll be on the other side.

1. Lack of motivation is part of the process

One dangerous conclusion that many of us make when we lose steam with an idea that this is a sign that we're on the wrong tack and that we should just give up. But this is simply not true! The difference between success and lack of it is by accepting that down times and feeling stuck are part of the process. Sometimes these feelings are worth exploring. For example, you might very well be working too hard and need to rethink your schedule or your might be heading in a direction that needs to be tweaked. So first things first, rather than thinking of zero motivation as a disaster, congratulate yourself for "hitting the wall". This means that you are well and truly in the game. You're in the trenches of change. I really felt this when I was writing my first book. There was a period of a couple months where I couldn't even look at it and I felt like a failure because I was experiencing such extreme avoidance to working on it. It was only until I started to research the creative process where I discovered that this feeling of being completely unmotivated was actually very important that I was able to relax a bit. In fact, it gave me energy and fired me up once again because I realized that I was actually playing for real now. This wasn't about keeping an idea nice and safe in my head - this was about embarking on a big time change and being willing to face the ups and the downs. It turned feeling unmotivated to feeling like I was actually in a pretty cool club.

2. What is your lack of motivation trying to tell you?

If motivation was a form that could actually speak and engage with you, what it would be trying to tell you? My lack of motivation when I was writing my book was telling me to do some divergent thinking. I got a message that I needed to walk away from my manuscript and do a little traveling and surround myself with things that had nothing to do with the topic of my book. While away I found myself discovering new ideas that made certain chapters, that had once left me stuck, now with better info to include. Ask your motivation to tell you what's going on. The answers will hold the key on next steps that might get you excited to continue.

3. When was the last time you moved your body?

This last tip might make no sense at all if your lack of oomph is in an area that has nothing to do with health or fitness but more often than not, I see a real connection between lack of motivation and the amount of energy we are moving with our bodies. This means that if everything is feeling stuck and I can't make a move, there is one thing I must do and that's find my walking shoes and just head out the door for 15 minutes one way, and 15 minutes back home. I don't think about the impact I have on my physical self but what I do concentrate on is literally bringing oxygen into my brain, into my cells and into my body's chemistry. My best inspirations and biggest motivational breakthroughs have simply come because I've stepped outside and it was a tool that I used religiously (and still do) for my work. And a bonus tip, take Tip 1 and 2 for a walk with you. Think about the ideas of these tips while you walk. You'll see change will happen.

So, I've got a question for you - if you're feeling unmotivated, what is your lack of motivation trying to tell you and how will you listen? Post your comment below and share it with us.