Citizen Eco Drive Watches


Smart looking and available in many styles

Never needs batteries because it charges itself from any light source

Think, "green" - no more batteries to buy and dispose of

Good value for the money


I do not know of any cons with the Citizen Eco Drive watches.

Full Review

Last year, for Christmas, my husband gave me an awesome gift - one of the Citizen Eco Drive watches. This is such a great watch; it looks stylish; it is comfortable to wear, and it requires no upkeep. No need to worry when the battery will stop working since Eco Drive watches charge themselves from any light source. The last time I replaced a battery in my old wristwatch it cost me $15; just think of the money you will save from not having to replace batteries. Also, batteries never fail when it is convenient go to the jewelers, so that means you are without your wristwatch until you can get it repaired.

The Citizen Watch Company has a movie demonstrating how the charging takes place. The clip is very short, and I think you will enjoy seeing their explanation of the charging process. Click here to view. They refer to Citizen Eco Drive watches as, "IT'S UNSTOPPABLE."

The manufacturer of Citizen Eco Drive watches claim that some of their models will hold a charge for up to six months even when not exposed to light. When taken out, and exposed to light, they will start working again. Amazing!

Another benefit of many Citizen Eco Drive watches is your ability to wear them underwater. I enjoy swimming and snorkeling, and I like the fact that I can wear my wristwatch in the water. Mine is good for up to 30 meters of depth in water (too deep for me), and since I don't dive, just snorkel, this wristwatch works for me. However, models differ in their water depth resistance, so you will need to check the model you choose.

Think "green" when you think of Citizen Eco Drive watches. No more replacing batteries that could end up in the landfill. Think of how many batteries that are disposed of each day and what it would mean if all timepieces operated off a light charge.

Citizen Eco Drive watches come with a warranty; mine is covered for five years. I think that is pretty standard, but since I have not looked at each model, I cannot state that as a fact.

A lot of large department stores and jewelers carry the Citizen Eco Drive watches, or they can be ordered online from Amazon. Currently, Amazon has some great prices on their Citizen Eco Drive watches, and the prices run from approximately $90.00 to $394.00. So, at those prices, there is a watch for everyone.

In Closing

If you are looking for that spectacular gift for your "best girl," then look no further. Show her your good taste and your knowledge about the latest and best; choose a watch for her from the stylish collection of Citizen Eco Drive watches.

Ladies, Citizen Eco Drive watches are available for men, too.

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