It is difficult to keep your head protected when you are riding a bicycle while still looking stylish; however, some of the ladies’ cycle helmets have managed to achieve this! The helmets that are featured throughout this article offer the proper protection that will keep your skull safe in the unfortunate circumstance of falling off of the bike, and will allow you to look great while riding through your local bike trail!

Of course, safety comes first whether you are using the helmet for rollerblading, riding a scooter, or cycling throughout your neighbourhood; however, there is nothing wrong with looking great while keeping your head protected.

Schwinn  Has Some Stylish Bicycle Helmets For Women-The Starlet Wave, And The Micro

Schwinn has been a popular brand in the bicycle protection industry for many years; they continually produce great protective gear for affordable prices. I would like to bring 2 helmets to your attention:

Schwinn Starlet Wave-The look of this women’s helmet is a “backwards flowing” one, so it looks like you are riding at high speeds on your bicycle, even if you are only traveling at 2km/h! This helmet also comes with a removable visor that will block the sun from shining in your eyes and shield your face from the rain.

In addition, the Starlet Wave helmet has 21 air vents so your head and hair will be kept cool as you getting a cardio workout. These vents are designed in a fashion that allows them to “catch” the air as it hits the helmet; therefore, traveling at higher speeds will allow more air to enter in through the helmet’s vents! The Starlet Wave is one of the best vented bicycle helmets for women!

Micro By Schwinn-Figuring out how to strap up your helmet is probably one of the hardest tasks when it comes to protecting yourself while you are bike riding; however, Schwinn has come up with a unique dial fit adjustable system. Schwinn’s Micro helmet includes an adjustable dial that allows you to tighten the strap on the helmet simply by turning a dial.

Be sure to check out the stylish Schwinn bicycle helmets on Amazon being sold at EXTREMELY low prices...These Schwinn helmets look great and will protect your head. To top it off, some are being discounted at up to 60% off of their original price!

The Idea That Women’s Helmets Have To Be Purple Or Pink Is Old And Stereotypical

It was only about 10 years ago when people thought that ladies’ cycle helmets had to be purple or pink; however, we live in a world of equality that actually rewards people for being different. With that being said, women’s bicycle helmets come in different shapes, sizes, and colors!

Schwinn offers a ton of helmets that are black, blue, or even green, and are geared towards women! It seems that we live in a world in which women can wear bicycle protective gear that is white, blue, brown, or any other color that they choose!

Open Bicycle Helmets Like The Prolight Road Race Will Keep Your Hair In Place

The primary concern of bicycle protective gear is to keep you safe; however, there are a few helmets that are designed for comfort! One of the most popular types of bicycle helmets when it comes to women feeling comfortable is an open style helmet! They are designed to have many ventilation holes, and essentially keep you feeling comfy!

Prolight’s Road Race helmet is one that is designed to keep you protected and comfortable at the same time! Not only will this helmet keep you from overheating, but it will also allow your hair to stay in place! The last thing that you want is to take your helmet off after a bike ride and be stuck with hat hair!

Combine The Helmet With Some Stylish Knee Pads, Elbow Pads, And Wrist Guards To Be Really Stylish

Helmets are by far the most important piece of protective gear when it comes to riding a bicycle; however, wrist guards, elbow pads, and knee pads are also crucial! I would recommend choosing protective pads that match the color of your helmet. This will allow you to be protected and stylish!

Women’s legs get seen more often than men’s, so it is direly important to keep them free from bruises and scratches. A simple fall from a bicycle can cause an eye-catching scratch or bruise, so you should be sure to wear all of the protective equipment that you can get your hands on! Riding a bicycle is about having fun and getting some exercise; however, staying protected is also very important!

The majority of the bicycle helmets that you will find in a sports store are made in a unisex manner; this means that they can be worn by men or women. However, there are a few bicycle helmets that are made specifically for women! Consider the tips, tricks, brands, and models of ladies’ cycle helmets that are listed throughout this article, and you will surely look stylish and be protected!