Five Top Features of a Ladies Golf Skort

Why a Non-Golfer should buy a Skort

What is a Skort?

A skort is a single garment that combines a pair of shorts and a short mini-skirt. It is usually worn by ladies who play golf, hockey or netball but it is such an easy garment to wear that it is suitable for all ladies whether or not they play sport. It is an ideal item of clothing for warm sumOrange Skort showing shorts underneathCredit: iloveaccessoriesjewelryperfume.blogspot.commer weather.

Top Feature Number 1


The skort is so comfortable to wear. The shorts underneath are usually made of a soft, thin, light-weight, stretchy material so that movement is not inhibited. Naturally, a golfer, hockey or netball player need lots of freedom of movement and the skort provides this movement.

In warm breezy weather the skort is also perfect. A sudden gust often takes you by surprise but the shorts cover up the top of the thighs to avoid embarrassment.Skort back viewCredit:

Top Feature Number 2

Fashionable and Feminine

The skort can be worn not only for most kinds of sports but also for leisure or social occasions. Take a picnic to the park and sit on the grass in comfort, knowing that you are not showing anything you shouldn't!

Take a boat trip wearing a skort and you need not be afraid of the breeze that is created by the movement of the boat. If the sun is shining, your legs are exposed for the much-craved for sun tan.

Go to the beach and sit on a sun lounger in your skort or move to the bar and sip a cool glass of wine. Whatever the activity, you will find a skort that is suitable.

Even going to the pub you can wear a skort, provided it's still a balmy evening!

Top Feature Number 3

A Skort Style for Everyone

There is so much variety there is a skort for everyone. Skort with frilly bottomCredit:


There are plain dark colours like black, dark green, maroon or navy, to name a few. Moving on to brighter summer colours like red, vivid purple and pink, green, peach, white and pale blue.

There are multi-coloured skorts like pink and apple green leaves, pale blue floral, primary-coloured circles or spots or pin-striped grey and pink.


Although the basic style includes the shorts underneath a skirt, the fastenings or shapes can be different.

Waistbands can either fasten at the back or at the side with a zip, or the waist can be elasticated.

The front of the skort can be plain or pleated or have a frill at the bottom of the skort or have embroidery on it.

There may be a slit side opening at both sides of the skort or darts at the front.

There is usually a back pocket and 2 front pockets.

Materials can vary but are usually quite light-weight, ranging from nylon, elastine, crepe or cotton.

Gingham and tartan materials are common with checks or pin stripes being popular,too .

Lengths vary but are around 48cm.

Pink skort with side slitCredit: pinkgolftees.comTop Feature Number 4

Choice of Tops

The beauty of wearing a skort is you don't have to spend vast amounts of money on tops. Plain tee shirts  or sleeveless summer vests are ideal or if you want to jazz up the outfit you can wear a more elaborate top for evening.

However, if you want to invest in a new top, matching ones or ones that complement the outfit are often available.

Top Feature Number 5

Price and Size

Prices vary and can range from around £15 to £49, depending on the type of skort you choose.

Sizes range from Extra small to Extra extra large so there is a skort out there for you.

Skorts for children are available at High Street stores for around £8 up to the age of 10.

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