Cheap and Easy Ladies Halloween Costumes

Ladies Halloween Costumes(116012)Credit: Southerngirl09


Let’s Design Some Fun Ladies Halloween Costumes

Following are some cheap and easy ladies Halloween costumes. Your neighborhood is having an All Hallows Eve party, and you need a spooktacular outfit. Your budget is stretched as far as possible, and you want to get the kids their dream outfit. So, you need to come up with an economical, cute, awesome, and different getup for yourself. Read on, to discover some ladies Halloween costumes that are designed to be a play on words, and will have everyone trying to guess who, or what, you are.

1st Idea - Ladies Halloween Costumes - Butterfingers

Wear a pair of yellow pants and a yellow shirt. If you don’t have these, purchase a pair of yellow sweats - no waste here since you can always use another pair of sweats. Shop around for a good price to save money. Next, save your cardboard carton from you next pound of butter.

Dress in your yellow outfit. Carry the butter carton, and place the fingers of one hand inside the box. See if anyone at the party guesses that you are butterfingers.

2nd Idea - Ladies Halloween Costumes - Dryer Lint

Wear anything you want. However, my suggestion would be to wear a pair of sweats. Reverse the sweats to show the fleece lining. Save your clothes dryer lint to attach to the sweats. No need to completely cover the sweats; just randomly place pieces on your sweats. Depending on the texture of your lining, you may need to loosely hand stitch the lint in place, or try double stick tape. Now, dig out your old hair dryer to carry with you. (For safety, either tape the cord to the hair dryer, or if is doesn’t work any longer, cut the cord off. You wouldn’t want anyone to get tangled and trip in the cord.)

You are now dryer lint.

3rd Idea - Ladies Halloween Costumes – Rock & Roll Era

Dress in 50’s era fashion. A full skirt, even better a poodle skirt, rolled up jeans, a man’s big white shirt, bobby socks, and black and white saddle shoes are all examples of this period. Be sure to turn up the collar of that big white shirt or any shirt you wear. See what’s in your closet and improvise. Carry a rock in one hand and a roll in the other hand.

Yes, you guessed it; you are the rock and roll era.

4th Idea – Ladies Halloween Costumes – Single Lady Looking For Her Stud

This outfit is for single gals only. Dress in a bewitching ensemble, and carry with you a hand held stud finder. (You can order one online, or purchase one from Lowe’s or Target.) When you approach a good-looking guy, maybe your stud finder will buzz.

After all, you are a Stud Finder.

In Closing

All Hallows Eve parties are great fun for all ages. Attendance does not usually require that the ladies Halloween costumes be designer wear, but one that is fun. I hope one of these ladies Halloween costumes will work for you and that you have a great night out with your friends.