Ladies Wedge shoes have a multi-ethnic feel to them; they have intricate designs and will capture a lot of attention once paired with the proper outfit. Women's shoes tend to have diverse patterns. A platform is not necessarily a wedge shoe. Ladies wedge shoes stand the test of time, they can be worn in every season and they are chic. Wedge shoes reduce the wobbly uneven sensation while walking. This type of high heel is more comfortable and sturdy than the stiletto. The best thing about Wedge shoes is that they are good for smart casual type of outfits but they can also perfectly blend with summer dresses.

A wedge can be used as a training shoe before embarking on wearing other ranges of high heeled shoes. Although the wedge is stable there is always a chance that the ankle might get sprained. Learning to walk properly while wearing high heeled shoes is a must. Videos on how to correctly wear wedges can be found online.

The load distribution of the wedge heel is found on the balls of the feet and the toes. If the wedge is higher, more weight is being carried by the front of the feet. Rubberized wedges are said to be better because they have a spring built in.

Ladies wedge heels are reminiscent of the outrageous styles of the 70's. When wearing a wedge remember that they look best with flared legged pants. For thinner wedge heels they are suited for skinny pants.

Wedge shoes are well crafted they are mixed with an overabundance of materials. Wedges are ornamented with jewels, laces, leather, and dyed cloth. The wedge can be made out of a mishmash of wood, plastic, cork and rubber. Braided rope is the one commonly used. Women's shoes are full of cultural history. Like the wedge their shoes are laced in and have various patterns to enhance a woman's ankle. Women who want to experiment more can try wearing wedge sandals. They add flair without trying too much.

Women who choose to wear a wedged shoe will avoid getting stuck in grates while walking around the city. It will also decrease the chance of stumbling on the ground. Wedges can also be useful in garden weddings since they will not sink into the grass. The feet will also stay clean and be able to stir away from mud.