Epilators vs. Razors for Shaving Needs


As an introduction, an epilator is a hand-held electrical device that uses automatically rotating tweezers to grasp multiple hairs simulateously and pull them out by their roots. Thus, because you are working from your roots, when the hair does eventually grow back, it is softer, narrower, lighter, and less noticeable. 

My Experience:

I'm a huge fan of this product because of personal experience. I literally used to shave every other day because my dark hair, combined with my light complexion, made even little stubbles very noticable and unattractive. Since I invested in my epilator however, I epilate every 2-3 weeks and the hair grows back so much lighter and softer. 

What to Consider When Purchasing:

Before I order any product, I do a lot of research on different brands, so I thought since this research is done anyways, I would just share it with you. When I was ordering an epilator, I had three criteria that I deemed of primary importance:

     1. Amount of Pain

I've heard that epilation is a slightly painful process. If you've ever plucked your eyebrows or a stray hair somewhere before, you'll understand the feeling. Afterall, if you get an epilator made of a 70 tweezer rotating head, it's going to hurt at least a little bit. The good part is that it is significantly more tolerable than a wax and significantly cheaper than laser hair removal. 

I have a very low pain tolerance, and after using this product for 6 months, I can say that while the first two times made my eyes water a little bit, these last few months I barely wince. This must be mostly due to the fact that my hair has grown back significantly more narrow so plucking it out is hardly noticable. 

I've research that epilating in the shower reduces the pain so I looked for one that would work in water, but since I am fine dry epilating, I just use it after my shower with no problems. Thus, the ability to use in water is not a function that I deem that important, though the epilator that I am recommending does include this feature. 

     2. Included Features

For the better portion of my life, I've always neglected my feet, so when I saw epilators with functions that included a foot care head, that helped sway my decision. This foot care head literally grinds away your callouses in a pain free way, leaving your feet baby soft. Highly recommended. If you're interested in the bikini area as well, look for an epilator that has a bikini cap so that instead of 70 tweezers working in an area at once, it's like 10 tweezers instead. Makes for a less painful experience!

     3. Good Price

One last primary feature I looked for was obviously a good value. I wanted a wide variety of features & easy usability for a fair price. 


Combining all of these criteria, I ended up trying the Panasonic Wet/Dry Epilator/Shaver. I really have no complaints about the device and it has been working wonderfully for me. Amazon offers a discount on this product if you want to check out more details. 

I considered epilators by Braun as well, but ultimately, I think the Panasonic is the best choice with the most reliability in terms of effectively lifting up hairs to be able to remove them efficiently. 


Panasonic ES-ED90-P Ladies Wet and Dry Epilator/Shaver
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(price as of Jan 12, 2014)
The best epilator on the market.