As I inched closer to see the container, my eyes became fixated on the name: "Lady Anti Monkey Butt Powder." What??! My eyes were then further captured by the image of a grinning female monkey (wearing what looked to be a pearl necklace, a little lipstick and a pretty red hair bow), right thumb up (the OK signal, I think) with a very protruding red butt!

After laughing out loud, my first initial thought was, "Somebody made a mistake; is this for humans?". Indeed it is. The name may be "misleading" upon first glance, but upon closer examination, it makes perfect sense: When you have to be out in extremely hot weather for a while, doesn't your butt-and other body parts-start to feel "red" or inflamed? I also tend to get uncomfortably itchy and even experience body friction (very hot conditions makes me want to jump out of my skin!). Another influence regarding the name-and the image-is the fact that some breeds of monkeys and baboons DO actually have vivid red butts (often used for mating attraction).

The powder itself smells fantastic, a mixture of calamine and cornstarch that has a silky-smooth feel. And it's this dynamic duo that's also responsible for quickly absorbing the sweat, relieving body chafing and providing instant cooling relief. Believe me, it's a wonderful thing to be completely cool, calm and dry on a high 80 or 90-plus degree day, when all around you are still hot, sweaty and shredding!

This is totally safe to use not just on arms and legs, but on the “nooks and crannies” as well, like the breast area, front and back of the neck, the back (if you can reach enough of it), inner thighs and even the butt (Yes, the but-tocks). I discovered that it's particularly effective to use between the toes. (and for more cooling down, just sprinkle some into a pair of socks and wear them. Your feet will thank you later.) And stockings will be more comfortable to wear and will not "stick" if you sprinkle a bit of this powder in them.  I even put some on before applying body lotion; Not only was I dry, but I smelled fantastic right into late evening-and then some. (I still smelled pretty decent the next morning!)

Lady Anti Monkey Butt Powder is available nationwide and retails for $5.95 (there's also Anti Monkey Butt for men and babies).